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Ai Brick and Mortar Contest

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** UPDATE **  

A couple of contestant feedback to the sponsor that some of the photos submitted does not represent the SELFIE contest as it is actually taken by someone else instead of the contestant themselves. Thus all photos submitted here which does not show the SELFIE pics taken by yourself and of YOURSELF ONLY  will be disqualify, however contestant are still able to re take their photo and re-submit their new entry here of the location , and their old entry photo will be removed from here . 


The Meaning of SELFIE from the internet  -  SELFIE means "Picture of yourself, usually taken by yourself" 

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On 11/7/2016 at 2:25 PM, Daniel Poh Yang Zheng said:

Pacific Reef
pacific reef_1.jpg
C2 aka Ng couple
Updating my Photos incase the photos with my daughter are not allowed.

Saw some fritz salt for sale at Ng.. it looks really affordable.. Will be trying it in future.

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Updates from Sponsor;

The time has come for the last ultimate selfie . Beware of locations with posters serials not right, pose with the right serial sticker ( 8803XXX ) to win. 


Stay tune to more updates and hints in this topic before the announcement of the final location .. 

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