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Crystal glass on 3 sides.
Brand new pipings.
Sump & Cabinet 
Let me know if any of you are interested.
Clean and sparky! These pictures are taken YESTERDAY. 
Contact Dav 9438two788



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Very clean n new tank set indeed n very new n nice place :) ..this tank set shd b made by AA Vincent if i guessed correctly by looking at the sump..check have it been used b4?The price is missing too..good luck in ur sales

@ 291213

Updated video: Kenyee FOWLR


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    • By Suprem3Corals
      Suprem3 Super Tank Deal:
      From now till 15th Dec...
      ✔All-In-One: Package includes Display tank with sump, piping and cabinet
      ✔5 yrs warranty against any leakage
      ✔Special discounts for purchases of macro rocks and equipment
      ✔Hassle Free with F.O.C delivery and setup
      Prices starting from:
      2ft x 2ft x 2ft $800 3ft x 2ft x 2ft $950 4ft x 2ft x 2ft $1350 5ft x 2ft x 2ft $1650 6ft x 2ft x 2ft $1950 Drop by S3 or PM us for larger or special requirements
      Add on modifications:
      ▶Colorful piping to chose from: Red, Blue, Green, Black or Transparent
      ▶Crystal glass
      ▶External overflow box
      ▶Peninsula style tank
      ▶Special laminates for cabinet
      ▶Unique customized sump design
      ▶Aluminum profile stands
      ▶Chrome stainless steel stand
      ▶Flushed fitting of Display Tank and Cabinet
      ▶Customized tank measurements to fit your needs
      ▶Scaping services with macro rocks
      Here's some project that we have done:

    • By aidil257
      Urgent sales since I need to relocate. WTS Innovative Marine Nuvo 25G Lagoon tank with Cabinet. Preferably, to sell everything with livestock as one go.  
      Tank type: IOS 
      Live stocks: 1 Butterfly fish, I dory and the other fish (I forgot what the name of the fish but it's in the photo)
      Selling for : SGD $600 (nego)
      Collection : Arrange own transportation but need to update me when is the collection date & time, so that I could separate the water and fish, for the ease of transport.
      Cabinet height: 3 feet, total 4 feet with tank.
      The tank has been with me for about 2 and half years.
      If interested please call or WA me at 81884283. Thanks.

    • By pazos011
      Hello Fellow Reefers 
      I'm currently looking to sell my one-year-old IM Fusion Nano 10. Comes with all warranty documentation and manuals, original pump, filter sock, skimmer, tank light, filter chamber along with the awesome accessories listed below.
      It's worked fantastically to keep a mix of Shrooms, Duncan, Zoas, Blasto, Yumas etc, along with a pair of clowns and a purple dotty back over the last year. 
      Tank has been scrubbed clean and is ready for it's new owner.
      Originally purchased the Tank at FreshNMarine for $750.00++. The tank/pump/skimmer have been completed cleaned, scrubbed down and ready for their new owner.
      I will also throw in the Accessories below for FREE with the TANK.
      Pickup available near Great World City / Somerset Monday - Sunday flexible hours. If interested please message me for HP number.
      TANK + Accessories - $450 OBO
      IM 10g Tank
      IM Desktop Ghost Skimmer
      IM Skyye Light 18w 8000k
      IM 200 Micron Sock
      1x Jebao RW-4 ($65 value)
      1x ReefRack 32  - Magnetic Frag Rack ($50 Value)
      1x  API Master Testing Kit (Only been used 4 times when the tank was started)
      1x  Hydrometer
      1x - Large Orange Plastic Tweezers
      1x Thermometer
      1x Large Glass Pipet
      1x Glass Cleaner Magnet
      1x Biohome Plus
      1x Furan-2
      1x 20L Bucket for water changes
      1x  Prodac Filter Floss Bag (3/4 left)
      1x  Dr. Bassleer BioFish Food (1/2 left)
      1x  Brine Shrimp Feed (Full, never used)
      1x  Red Sea Coral Pro Salt (Enough left for 2-3 water changes)
      1x  Coral Snow Plus (enough left for 2-3 water changes)
      1x Biomate (enough left for 1 water change)

    • By gymbvolka
      decided to decom the below , 
      1. nano 1.5ft cube crystal glass tank - S$190
      1.5ft crystal glass cube build in acrylic sump ( enough space for a small footage skimmer in side the sump) White cabinet ( matt white ) FOC marine pure sphere ball and bio ring, feeding cup and magnet glass cleaner. 2. Maxspect Nano - S$140
      3. Ehiem compact 2000+plus - S$ 70.00 come with box and manual.
      4.Crystal DI filter unit - S$45 ( FOC tap attachment , tubing and TDS pen and some remaining resin )
      Currently,  now housing fresh water setup. i need 3 days to clear the fish tank if confirmed.
      The whole tank can be transported via mini van and a trolley without dismantling.
      Good for reefer who want a small nano setup or has limited space.
      Viewing is welcome , FCFS
      PM me if you are keen.

    • By Iwarna
      Iwarna is extremely delighted to announce our new RADIENT series of Customised Tanks and Sumps! Collaborating with The best tank and sump designer and maker, CHECK THIS OUT!
      1. Main tank: ULTRA BRIGHT CRYSTAL GLASS (3 X Clearer and brighter than usual crystal glass!)
      2. No unsightly silicon- yes! Close to invisible!
      3. No unsightly grey PVC PIPES in tanks 
      4. Adjustable black pipe outlets
      5. Amazing customised acrylic sump (white or black*)
      6. Red and white Premium PVC pipings with control valves and unions
      7. Perfect sump and pipe design to minimised noise
      8. With add on features such as dosing tubes holders, auto TOP up tanks, dosing containers, refugium cover and lights...
      9. Non corrosive, heavy weight aluminium support frame. Option for carpentry or use waterproof PVC for tank cabinet.
      10. Guarantee the MOST gorgeous tank and acrylic sump!
      11. UNBEATABLE PRICE for the materials used and quality delivered!
      12. Whatsapp 92259393 (Victor) Or 90485606 (Justin) for enquiries!
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