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Caperplus temperature alarm

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My first review contribution! :D

So here is my story: After setting up my tank, everything has been running smoothly and the tank can basically be left on autopilot for weeks at a time. But what happens when I am out of the house or on holiday? How would I know that everything is running ok? Everyone knows what happens when your chiller fails or your power trips, and its usually not pretty. 

I have been looking for a cheaper alternative to the Apex controller system ($1k+++!) and a more fuss free solution compared to the iSocket (requires SIM card) and was recommended this product by my LFS. It is a wifi connected temperature sensor / heater, but we can use it as a temperature alarm and power monitor for our reef tanks!


It is actually an intelligent heater / temperature alarm from china. However, we can ignore the heating function and use it to monitor our tank temperature and alert us if temperature is too high.


1. Temperature monitoring

2. Audible alarm when temperature falls out of your own specified safety range

3. Heater function that can be controlled electronically (not used for reef applications here unless your ambient temperature is too cold)


Very well designed and packaged. For a china product, it far exceeded my expectations. In the box there is the main device unit, a heater rod, and dual temperature sensors


Main box packing


The main box with a power cord on the left, and the connections to the temperature sensor / heater on the right. The bundled wire is the temperature probe with 2x sensors. I was surprised that they include 2 sensors for reliability and redundancy. Well thought out design. The 2 numbers on the box are for indicating temperature. The top number is the heater set temperature (ignore this number) , the more important is the lower number, which is the temperature of your tank. Notice the 2 temperature probes, instead of 1. These are for redundancy and reliability.



At first it was quite challenging to read the instructions as they were all in chinese. But after some reading and google translate, here are the steps 

1. Download the caperplus app for iphone / android

2. Create an account on the app and log in 

3. Plug in the power to the main unit 

4. Press the button on the right side of the box for 2-3 sec

5. Use "device add",  enter your home wifi details to the app



6. It will automatically connect the device to your wifi, and you can see it under "Find new device". Click on it and it will add it to the system.


App (iphone)

The first screen you will see will be your tank temperature after you have set everything up

The "stop heating temperature" and "average temperature" will not be accurate as it is only used when you connect and use the heater



You have to only make 2 settings, first is set the stop heating temperature to 20 degrees as this will disable the heater function.

Second setting would be to make sure your temperature safety range is set to your requirements. If temperature falls out of that setting, there will be a beeping sound from the box and app alerts on your phone. 


The app also gives you history and graph of your temperature. 


Alert / logging functions

The device works by communicating with the server every 30 minutes over your internet connection / wifi. The server checks that all is good with the device and will monitor that it is powered on and communicating properly. It requires a constant on internet connection. Your phone also must be connected to data network and internet in order to receive the alert (3g/4g/wifi).

Temperature alert: If the temperature is out of the range you have set, the box will make an alarm beeping sound which you can hear in your home, and it will send an alert to your phone. The beeping sound is immediate, but the phone app alert takes about 5-10 minutes before you see the alert. 

Power off: If the device powers off, you will get the alert after 30 minutes if the device does not communicate with the server

The only drawback to this product is the lack of configuration of alert time. It is only after 30 minutes for power and 5-10 minutes for temperature. 


Cost analysis

This product is retailing at $98 from madpetz and other LFS, and is quite good value for money. When compared to the neptune apex system ($1400++) or an iSocket ($200-300+), it provides a good alarm for the basics: temperature and power. 

Overall impressions

When you have a reef tank, the most important things are power supply and temperature. This device monitors and alerts you for these, and I believe it is quite a value buy for the money. I would have preferred the alert to be more immediate at maybe 5 or 10 minutes , but it may be addressed in a future software update. Otherwise, reliability is still untested as I only tried this for a few days. I would not say this is superior to the other products, but if you have no alarm / monitor, this is the cheapest solution available. 

The main drawback to the system is that it requires internet connection and your phone needs data connection in order to receive the alerts. But hey, the apex emails are also the same. 

All in all, cheap enough to buy as a monitor or as a backup to your apex / isocket monitor. It is a $100 insurance toward your thousands of dollars in livestock.

Thanks for reading! Next up, peristaltic pump review... 




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I was on Caperplus previously for temp & ph monitoring. Works perfectly until my ph Keeps dropping. Found out later it was ph probe faulty. Had it replaced once and it works abt 2-3mths before the same problem started again. Eventually I Decomm it after used it for 6mths. Was told by store that it’s ph probe needs to replace every 3mths or so.

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I have recently purchased the Caperplus T2 (wifi controlled temperature alert system), but i have a problem with the Android app. When it is evening-/nighttime in China (i live in Europe), the Caperplus server in China don't let you logged in. It kicks you out every hour or so. This means the alert won't work, you will not get any notifications untill you log in again manually. During the daytime (in China) everything keeps working well, the app stays logged in. 

Does this make sense or could there be a different problem? 

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