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For greatest variety in livestocks do head down to Iwarna this week.

Latest arrivals:

True Cirrhilabrus lanceolatus (the epitome of fairy wrasses), coral beauty, flagfin angel, heraldi angel, venustus angel, XL sunburst anthias, pseudanthias hutomoi, regal angels, pinnatus batfish, ornate butterflyfish, filament fairy wrasse, chelmon rostratus, Diodon eydouxii, XL shoulder tang, orange line bristletooth tang, blue eye tang, aberrant tang, powder brown tangs, sailfin tangs, blue face triggerfish, yellow flanked fairy wrasse, bamboo catshark, Moorish idols, brunneus wrasse, sailfin fairy wrasse, randall anthias females, small purple queen anthias, algae blenny, chromis viridis, chromis agilis, clown triggerfish, assorted damsels, springeri damsels, chromis retrofasciata, seahare, spider conch, blue linckia, nassarius snails, lyretail hogfish, banded serpent star, sea star snails, banded trochus snails, tiger cowrie, fire gobies, ocellaris clownfish, dusky heraldi angel, hybrid heraldi angel, dusky acanthurus pyroferus, high fin snappers, watchman gobies, emperor angel, ghost pipefish, uncommon pipefishes, grissengeri gobies, curious worm goby, blue eye goby, hector gobies, many more.

Also many invert oddities like mimic octopus, cuttlefish, plate coral shrimp, bumblebee shrimps, crinoid shrimps, sand dollars, globe urchins, bongo shrimp pairs, harlequin shrimp pairs, upside down jellyfish, big head shrimp, assorted nudibranchs, harlequin shrimp pairs, long tentacle anemone (purple ones too), latreilla valida crabs, assorted special crabs, etc.

Arrival around 1pm tomorrow:

Moustache jawfish (O. lonchurus), blue reef chromis, lettuce nudibranch, candy basslets (liopropoma carmabi), argi angels, rock beauties, black cap basslets, swissguard basslet, royal grammas, neon gobies, small atlantic blue tangs.

Available on Thurs morning:

Cultured Bali SPS.

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Do refer to our Facebook Page : Iwarna Aquafarm

Pictures are uploaded there for new shipments. Thank you.


*We have strict reservation policies for livestock, please refer to our sponsor forum for more information.

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