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AL60 chiller set up problem


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I recently switched over from the AL30 to the AL60. It didn't come with instructions, but it probably wouldn't have made a difference.

Previously I could set my AL30 have a set temp of 27 but not start chilling until it reached 28.

With my new AL60 I have it set to 26 but it doesn't start chilling until 29, which is too much a temperature difference.

Does anyone know how to set this to 1 degree difference?

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There should only be a 1 deg difference before the chiller kicks in. Have you considered that the set you got is faulty?

Try another temperature setting and if it still kicks in at 29 deg, you need to bring it back to the lfs to check it out and possibly get an exchange. 


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Sorry to bump up this thread. I got this AL60 as a gift which was bought in China. Need help with my AL60 chiller setting. I have no idea how this thing works! Played around with the Set, Rst , up and down button to get the chiller working but had no control over the temperature. Temperature shows it can go down frm 22 Deg to 32 Deg yesterday in my 16L Nano tank.

Any kind soul can help with the setting please to main at 27 Deg? Thank you very much. :)

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