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SPS + Zoas Frag For Trade


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Radioactive Birdnest Frag x2

Green Millipora

Kedd Reds Zoas 3 Polyp

Pink Zoas 3-4 Polyps

Mother colony of Pink Zoas


Open to trade with SPS or Zoas frags :)

PM me to deal

Swop at CCK 






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  • SRC Member

for those who pmed me with interest to buy the frags.

honestly i can't put a price tag on these small fragments of corals which is only a tiny fraction of the main colony that i bought.

ill be killing the hobby if i were to sell this frags at cut-throat carrot price.


best if you have something that i do not have and we can hit up with a trade.

anyway.. currently millipora and 1 frag of birdnest is reserved to giveaway FOC to sincere reefkeepers.


lets not aim to profit from this hobby and kill the joy of keeping these wonderful creations.


zoas still up for trade :)

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