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BUSY weekend @ Iwarna!


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1. SABAH SPS + LPS ! Red PLATE Fungia! Green bubble, fox coral, super nice SABAH YUMA, orange hammer, red and bicolour cynarina and many more! Don't miss!

2. TRITON water test collection (40ml @$98 for 35 parameter test! includes test results and recommendations). Latest submission for this collection on 22/04/2017

3. 1st time (SNOWFLAKE tree frogs) to arrive in Singapore! Assortment of exotic frogs! Let's GO GREEN with terrariums and 'Kermit'

4. Lots of fishes.. Indoo. See ya!



Do refer to our Facebook Page : Iwarna Aquafarm

Pictures are uploaded there for new shipments. Thank you.


*We have strict reservation policies for livestock, please refer to our sponsor forum for more information.

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