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Selling Ocean Free Nano Marine Black 63L Tank with Pump

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Hi. Am selling the following Tank, am not using it anymore.

Letting go for SGD$150, in good condition(no crack).

Comes with the water pump, lights not included.

PM or Msg me at 88two061six7 for more information. Ty :)


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    • By supeter111
      Used 3x2x2  fish tank n sump, Led light, skimz skimmer, skimz reactor n Hailea chiller whole set. Tank only 1year 4 to 5 mth old .sale $1288  interested pls sms or call 96633566 thanks . 

    • By supeter111
      Used 4x1.5x2 fish tank n sump for sale $450 interested pls sms or call 96633566 thanks . 
    • By Iwarna
      Iwarna is extremely delighted to announce our new RADIENT series of Customised Tanks and Sumps! Collaborating with The best tank and sump designer and maker, CHECK THIS OUT!
      1. Main tank: ULTRA BRIGHT CRYSTAL GLASS (3 X Clearer and brighter than usual crystal glass!)
      2. No unsightly silicon- yes! Close to invisible!
      3. No unsightly grey PVC PIPES in tanks 
      4. Adjustable black pipe outlets
      5. Amazing customised acrylic sump (white or black*)
      6. Red and white Premium PVC pipings with control valves and unions
      7. Perfect sump and pipe design to minimised noise
      8. With add on features such as dosing tubes holders, auto TOP up tanks, dosing containers, refugium cover and lights...
      9. Non corrosive, heavy weight aluminium support frame. Option for carpentry or use waterproof PVC for tank cabinet.
      10. Guarantee the MOST gorgeous tank and acrylic sump!
      11. UNBEATABLE PRICE for the materials used and quality delivered!
      12. Whatsapp 92259393 (Victor) Or 90485606 (Justin) for enquiries!
    • By Aramopper
      Anyone giving away fish tank? Pls pm me
    • By expert
      Dear Bros / Sis,
      Complete tank set to let go as follows:
      Tank Size: 6 x 2.5 x 2.5
      Skimmer c/w 2 x Eheim Pump
      1 x Eheim Main Pump
      6FT LED Lighting
      Coral Chip
      Controller Waive Maker
      Many more..
      Bare own transportation.
      All for $1,800.00 Including livestock. SMS @ 90928090

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