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Weekly Update - 22th to 28th May 2017

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anybody seen small multibar angelfish?

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes

Too many people spend money they haven't earned to buy things they don't want to impress people they don't like.

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T95 Shipment.









Tank : 4 X 2 X 2 with low iron front panel and external overflow

Skimmer : BK SM200 with waste collector

Return Pumps : Red Dragon 6m3 and Ehiem 1262

FR : 2 X Deltec 509 & powered by AB2000

Nitrate Filter : Deltec NF 509 and tee off from AB2000

Calcium R'tor : Deltec PF 501 with RM secondary chamber

Kalkwasser R'tor : Deltec KM500

Chiller : Pansonic 1 HP Compressor with 20m titanium Coil

Wave Makers : 4 X Tunze 6055 with 7096 & Vortec MP40w

Controller : GHL Profilux

Lighting : ATI Powermodule 10 or 8 tubes

Water Top-up : Water Top-Up tank powered by Tunze Osmolator

External Monitor : American Pinpoint pH and Temp. Monitor for main tank and GHL Profilux Controller to measure temp, pH, Redox

Ozonizer : Sander C50

UV : Corallife 6x

Algae Scrubbler

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Pacific reef

Bali Shipment (25/05/2017)

Common Name Scientific Name

Golden Angelfish Centropyge Aurantiacus

Bicolor Angelfish L Centropyge Bicolor

Bicolor Angelfish M Centropyge Bicolor

Coral Beauty Angelfish Centropyge Bispinosus

Pottery Angelfish Centropyge Eibli

Melas Angelfish Centropyge Tibicen

Singapore Angelfish Chaetodontoplus Mesoleucus

Majestic Angelfish M Euxiphipops Navarcus

Majestic Angelfish S Euxiphipops Navarcus

Majestic Angelfish juv Euxiphipops Navarcus

Blue Face Angelfish L Euxiphipops Xanthometapon

Sumatra Blue Face Angelfish S Euxiphipops Xanthometapon

Stripe Swallow Angelfish M Genicanthus Lamarck

Blue Ring Angelfish juv L/M Pomacanthus Annularis

Emperor Angelfish L Pomacanthus Imperator

Emperor Angelfish M Pomacanthus Imperator

Emperor Angelfish juv L/M Pomacanthus Imperator

Emperor Angelfish juv S Pomacanthus Imperator

Blue Koran Angelfish juv S Pomacanthus Semicirculatus

Blue Koran Angelfish juv T Pomacanthus Semicirculatus

Regal Angelfish L/M Pygoplites Diacanthus

Regal Angelfish S Pygoplites Diacanthus

Warty Anglerfish L/M Antennarius Maculatus

Color Anglerfish M (RED) Antennarius species

Common Pygmy Anglerfish Antennarius Tuberosus

False Stone Fish Scorpaenopsis diabola

Long Finned Batfish XL Platax Pinnatus

Klein's Butterflyfish M Chaetodon Kleini

Raccon Butterflyfish S Chaetodon Lunula

Eight Stripe Butterflyfish L/M Chaetodon Octofasciatus

Eight Stripe Butterflyfish S Chaetodon Octofasciatus

Copperband Butterflyfish M Chaetodon Rostratus

Bannerfish L/XL Heniochus Acuminatus

Bannerfish L/M Heniochus Acuminatus

Bannerfish S Heniochus Acuminatus

Moorish Idol Zanclus Canescens

Clark's Anemonefish Amphiprion Clarkii

Clown Anemonefish Amphiprion Ocellaris

False Skunk Clown Amphiprion Peridaraion

Orange Skunk Clown Amphiprion Sandracinos

Sebae's Anemonefish Amphiprion Sebae

Maroon Clown M Premnas Bioceleatus

Maroon Clown pair Premnas Bioceleatus

Yellow Maroon Clown ML Premnas Bioceleatus

Yellow Maroon Clown MS Premnas Bioceleatus

Green Chromis M Chromis Viridis

Yellow Tail Damsel Chrysiptera Parasema

Talbot's Damsel Chrysiptera Talboti

Domino Damsel Dascylus Trimaculatus

Black Mouth Damsel juvenile Paraglyphidodon Nigroris

Orange Damsel juvenile Paraglyphidodon crossi

Yellow Bellied Damsel Pomacentrus Coelestis

Two Colored Blenny (Red Tail) Ecsenius Bicolor

Grammistes Blenny Meiacanthus Grammistes

Banded Blenny Salarias Fasciatus

Twinspot Blenny Salarias Segmentatus

Orange Stripe Prawn Goby Amblyeleotris Randali

Rainford's Goby Amblygobius Rainfordi

Pinkbar Goby Cryptocentrus Aurora

Red Clown Goby Gobiodon histrio

Tangora Shrimp Goby Ctenogobiops Tangaroai

Decorated Fire Nemateleotris Decora

Red Jawfish Opsitognathus lonchurus

Circus Goby Priolepis nocturna

Spottail Gudgeon Ptereleotris Evides

Black Strip Goby & Shrimp S. Nematodes & Alpheus N.

Orange Spoted Prawn Goby Valencienna Puellaris

Ladder Glider Valencienna Sexgutata

Golden Heads Goby Valencienna Strigata

Green Mandarin Synchiropus Splendidus

Scooter Mandarin Synchiropus ocellatus

Hass's Garden Eel Heteroconger Hassi

Madder Seaperch Mirolabrichthys Dispar

Imelda's Seaperch Mirolabrichthys Imeldae

Red Sea Lyre Tail Anthias Fem L/M Pseudanthias Squampinnis

Lyre Tail Anthias male Pseudanthias Squampinnis

Sumbawa Soapfish Red Suttonia lineta

Fumanchu Lionfish Dendrochirus Biocellatus

Dwarf Lionfish Dendrochirus Zebra

White Fin Lionfish Pterois Antenata

Peacock Lionfish M Pterois Miles

Assorted Grouper Chephalopolis species

Phanter Grouper S Chromileptis Altivelis

Tank-raised Phanter Grouper S Chromileptis Altivelis

Spoted Grunt L/M Plectorhinchus Chaetodonides

Spoted Grunt S Plectorhinchus Chaetodonides

Stripe Sweetlips Plectorhinchus Diagrammus

Oriental Sweetlips Plectorhinchus Orientalis

Painted Sweetlips Plectorhinchus Pictus

Golden Trevally S Gnatadon Speciosus

Fox Face M Lo Vulpinus

Fox Face S Lo Vulpinus

Spotted Scat S Scatophagus argus

Coral Rabbitfish S Siganus Corallinus

Whiptail Threadfin Bream Pentapodus nemurus

Marbled Cat Shark M Atelomycterus Marmoratus

Blue Spotted Stingray M (round shape) Taeniura Lymma

Short Nose Puffer Arothron Hispidus

Yellow Dog Face Puffer M Arothron Nigropunctatus

Scribbled Pufferfish M Arothron mappa

Blue Spotted Sharp Puffer Canthigaster Epilamprus

Porcupine Puffer Diodon Holocanthus

Long Horn Cowfish L/M Lactoria Cornuta

Yellow Boxfish M Ostracion Cubicus

Yellow Boxfish S Ostracion Cubicus

Spoted Boxfish Ostracion Meleagris

Gold Rimmed Surgeonfish M Acanthurus Glaucopareius

Clown Surgeonfish M Acanthurus Lineatus

Orange Surgeon adult XXL Acanthurus Olivaceus

Orange Strip Surgeonfish Acanthurus tristis

Chocolate Surgeonfish Acanthurus pyroferus

Eye-spot Surgeon M Acanthurus Bariene

Spot-face Surgeon M Acanthurus maculiceps

Lipstic Tang M Naso Lituratus

Lipstic Tang juvenille Naso Lituratus

Desjardin's Sailfin Tang M Zebrasoma desjardinii

Brown Sailfin Tang S Zebrasoma Scopas

Pasific Sailfin Tang L Zebrasoma Veliferum

Green Filefish Monacanthus chinensis

Red & White Tilefish Hoplolatilus Marcosi

Red Tail File Pervagor Melanocephalus

Fire Pipefish Doryrhamphus Janssi

Alligator Pipefish Singnathoides Biaculeatus

Naoko's Fairy Wrasse male Cirrhilabrus Naokoae

Lubbock's Fairy Wrasse Cirrhilabrus Lubbocki

Red Head Fairy Wrasse Cirrhilabrus Solorensis

Yellow-fin Fairy Wrasse Cirrhilabrus Filamentosus

Green-fin Fairy Wrasse Cirrhilabrus Flavidorsalis

Red Coris juv. M Coris Gaimard

Tonozukai Wrasse Cirrhilabrus Tonozukai

Yellow Tail Cleaner Wrasse Diproctacanthus Xanthurus

Yellow Coris Halichoeres Chrysus

Peach Wrasse Halichoeres Prosopeion

Bluestreak Cleaner Wrasse Labroides Dimidiatus

Triple-tail Maori Wrasse Cheilinus trilobatus

Striated Wrasse Paracheilinus Evanidus

Ornate Wrasse Macropharyngodon Ornatus

Dragon Wrasse Navaculichthys Taeniourus

Carpenter's Flasher Wrasse Paracheilinus carpenteri

Six Line Wrasse Pseudocheilinus Hexataenia

Green Parrotfish Scarus Gibbus

Rainbow Wrasse male Thalassoma Amblycephalum

Lyre Tail Wrasse Thalassoma Lunare

Arrowhead Wrasse (Brown) Wetmorella Nigropinnata

Bicolor Parrotfish Cetoscarus Bicolor

Saddle Back Hogfish Bodianus Billunulatus

Diana Hogfish Bodianus Diana

Eclipse Hogfish Bodianus Mesothorax

Yellow Bordered Trigger juv. Pseudobalistes Flavimarginatus

Humu-humu Triggerfish M Rhinecanthus Aculeatus

Bursa Triggerfish Rhinecanthus Verrucosus

Red Majestic Shrimp Enoplometopus Occidentallis

Harlequeen Shrimp L/M Hymenocera Picta

Peacock Mantis Shrimp Odontodactylus Scyllarus

Anemone Shrimp Periclimenes Brevicarpalis

Banded Shrimp Stenopus Hispidus

Ambonian Shrimp Thor Amboinensis

Hermit Crab Clibanarius sp

Decorator Crab Camposcia retusa

Anemone Crab Neopetrolisthes Ohshimai

Day Octopus Octopus cyanea

Colour Sea Slug Hypselodoris apolegma

Warty Sea slug Phyllidia species

Magnificent Slug Chromodoris magnifica

Sea Hare M Dolabrifera dolabrifera

Sea Hare S Dolabrifera dolabrifera

Turbo Snail Turbbo sp.

Astraea Turbo Snail Astraea Tecta

Nassa Snail Nassarius sp.

Blue Star M Linckia laevigata

Red Star Linckia laevigata

Indian Sea Star Fromia indica

Color Tip Star (Red) Linckia multifora

Color Tip Star (Orange) Linckia multifora

White Sand Star Archaster typicus

Long Black Urchin Diadema Savignyi

Sand Tube Worm (Red) Sabellastarte indica

Bubble tip Anemone Entacmaea quadricolor

Purple Base Bubble tip Anemone Entacmaea quadricolor

Beaded Tentacles Anemone Heteractis aurora

Clown Anemone Heteractis magnifica

Malu Anemone Heteractis malu

Clown Anemone (Purple Base) Heteractis magnifica

White Sebae Anemone Heteractis crispa

Purple Long Tentacle Anemone Macrodactyla doreensis

Common Carpet Anemone Stichodadtyla gigantea



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Pacific reef
Sri Lanka Shipment (26/05/2017)

Ctenochaetus strigosus (MD) Yellow Eye Suegeon Fish
Ctenochaetus strigosus (LG) Yellow Eye Suegeon Fish
Acanthurus lineatus Striped Surgeon
Acanthurus lineatus Striped Surgeon
Acanthurus nigrifuscus (MD) Purple Surgeon Fish
Acanthurus mata (MD) Mata Tang Surgeon
Chaetodon collare(MD) Brown Butterfly
Chaetodon meyrei(MD) Meyr`s Butterfly
Thalasoma Jansenii (SM / MD) Jensen's Wrasse
Halichoeres leucoxanthus [sM / MD] Yellow and Purple Wrasse
Cirilabrus exquistus Exquisite Wrasse
Gymnothorax Favagineus (MD) Leopard Moray Eel
Gymnothorax pictus Peppered Moray Eel
Centropyge acanthops (LG) African Pygmy Angel Fish
Chaetodontoplus Duboulayi Scribbled Angelfish [5-6"]
Chaetodontoplus Duboulayi (MALE) Scribbled Angelfish [6-7"]
Chaetodontoplus Duboulayi (MALE) Scribbled Angelfish [7-8"]
Chaetodontoplus Duboulayi Scribbled Angelfish [3-4'']
Chaetodontoplus Duboulayi Scribbled Angelfish [4-5'']
Amphiprion Allardi Allard's Clownfish [MD]
Chromis Dimidiata IIIusion Damsel [MD]
Scorpaena vericosa Ston Fish
Anthias evansii Purple Coral Perch
Anthias squamipinnis FEMALE Red Coral Perch [sM/MD]
Anthias squamipinnis MALE Red Coral Perch [sM/MD}
Valenciennea wardi (M / L) Tiger Goby Sand Shifter
Clibanarius spp (Caribbean ) Red Leg Hermit Crab
Mithraculus sculptus Emerald Crab (MD/LG)
Stichodactyla haddoni Carpet Anemone White
Stichodactyla haddoni [sM] Carpet Anemone White
Fromia monilis Red Star Fish
Linckia Sp Red Batik Linkia Star Fish
Linckia Sp Orange Batik Linkia Star Fish
Monodactylus argenteus Ceylon Angel
Zebrasoma xanthurus (4-5") Purple Tang [True Purple]
Zebrasoma xanthurus (5-6") Purple Tang
Chaetodon melapterus Melapterus Butterfly
Pomocanthus asfar [6-7"] Arabian Angel Fish
Pomocanthus asfar Arabian Angel Fish
Pomocanthus asfar [2-3"] Arabian Angel Fish
Pomocanthus asfar [5-6"] Arabian Angel Fish
Pomocanthus maculosus Half Moon Angel
Pomocanthus maculosus [JUV] Half Moon Angel
Pomocanthus maculosus Half Moon Angel
Pomacanthus Chrysurus Gold-Tail Angel [ 3-4"]
Pseudochromis Fridmani (3-4 CM) Orchid Dotty Back

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There's nothing to see here. 

But do check out my articles! https://www.sgreefclub.com/home/

Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/floratiaracoral/

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Sabah corals: Euphyllia, Bubble corals, lobophyllia, purple long tentacle plate coral, short tentacle plate, fox corals, etc.

Cebu oddities: Blue face angels, bellus angel females, lamark angels, bicolor angels, coral beauty, batfish, algae blennies, mandarin fish, ruby red dragonet, ocellaris clowns, fire clowns, green chromis, yellow tail damsels, randall goby + shrimp, white cap goby + shrimp, grissengeri gobies, curious worm goby, pygmy blue eye goby, pygmy geometric hawkfish, fu man chu lionfish, sea goblins, ghost pipefish, jetnose, tomini tangs, xenia filefish, orange spot filefish, yellow patch wrasse, female pintail wrasse, brunneus wrasse males, blue throat wrasse, hoeven's wrasse, pencil wrasse, possum wrasse, shame face crabs assorted, Halloween hermit, bull crab, feather worm yellow/purple, strombus snails, small abalones, flame scallops, mini tuxedo urchins, pencil urchins, flat sand dollars, urchin sand dollar, flamboyant cuttlefish pair, sepia bandensis, bobtail squids, cuttlefish eggs, wunderpus photogenicus, bubble tip anemones, long tentacle anemones, blue linckia, assorted serpentstars, harlequin shrimp pairs, dogface nudibranch, bongo shrimp pairs, bumblebee shrimps, Alpheus randalli pistol shrimp, assorted urocaridella shrimps, periclemenes kororensis (heliofungia commensal), sexy shrimps, purple long nose shrimp (urchin commensal), stenopus cyanoscelis, stenopus pyrsonotus, tozeuma shrimp (long nose shrimp), etc.

Do refer to our Facebook Page : Iwarna Aquafarm

Pictures are uploaded there for new shipments. Thank you.


*We have strict reservation policies for livestock, please refer to our sponsor forum for more information.

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Looks like a moon crab to me. 

Hides in sand and comes out when there is food. Generally harmless to Fish and Coral. However I've never had success keeping them for long despite targeted feeding. 

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