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WTS : Various SPS & Zoas frags


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Need to clear the frag racks for major rescaping work.
Several different SPS (Valida / Green/purple/orange Digis, Fibre Optic Pocci) mohawks zoas, xenia. etc to let go.

U decide how much they are worth and then xfer to my account.
If you decide it is worth nothing then you can don't xfer.
Is your call :)
All sales proceed will go to HRSS (Home Rabbit Society Singapore).

Whatapps me at 96836545 if you are keen.

Some pictures taken under Maxspect Razor 16K both channels 100% for reference.

Edit : Collection at my place at Bukit Batok Street 25. Unless you don't need to view in person.
Arrangement to meet else where can be arranged.





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    • By Farhana
      Self collect 805918. Whatsapp 968oneone557
      Frags of Green tip toadstools/ Pink pulsing xenia/Green palys - $10 each

    • By Farhana
      WTS easy lps frags 
      Self collect at 805918 - WA 96811fivefive7
      1. green polyp toadstool 5-10cm size (picture from mother colony) - $10

      2. Green palys 2-3 polyps each frag (picture from mother colony) - $10

      3. pink pulsing xenias - $10

    • By Tee
      WhatsApp 92971884 if keen, location 579727. 
      Red Dragon , R1 - $80, R2 - $50, Sentosa - $35

      Unknown Echinata (maybe candlelight) , E1 - $30, E2 - $30. Ice Fire v, E3 - $35, E4 - $40

      Bright yellow Tenuisv, T - $30, Millie, M - $30
      Limi Jade Green Acro, J1 - $15, J2 - $15, J3 - $25

      Deep Blue Stag S1 - $15, S2 - $25
      Bi-Colour BN - B1,2 - $10, B3,4 - $15, B5 - $20, B6 - $25
    • By nicken
      Blue Tip Pinkish green body Frag $8

      Green Tip Fire Forest Colony $30
      about palm size 
      Green Tip Fire Forest Frag $8

      Yellowish Green luminous Pocci $10/ Frag
      Encrusted on frag plug .
      5 Frags to go. 

    • By Drahc
      I'm decommissioning my 5 foot marine tank and im selling all my livestock first. Sorry for low quality photo and the dirty glass been too busy this days.
      Note: All my fish here have been with me since the very beginning i started my tank which is about 3 years. 
      1. Blue Tang Big (about 5-6 inches) = S$50

      2. Blue Tang Medium (about 4 Inches) S$35

      3. Bignose Unicorn Tang S$50

      4. Niger Trigger Very friendly and non aggressive. S$60

      5. Sailfin Tang S$40

      6. Tomato Clown Fish (Pair and spawning). I lost the RBTA they are hosting over the x-mas holiday when we are on travel.   S$60

      Male (Guarding the Eggs)

      7. 2 Yellow Tangs S$50 each or S$90 Pair 

      8. Foxtail S$30

      9. Chromis 6 pcs. This guys are my very first fish. S$10

      1. Soft Coral (forgot the name) size of my hand open. S$30

      2. Pulsing Xenia  1 = S$30

      3. Pulsing Xenia 2 S$15

      4. Leather 1 S$10

      5. Leather 2 S$15

      If interested please refer below for more info
      WhatsApp : 85223044
      Pick up Timing : Weekdays = 8-11PM
                                    Weekends = anytime
      Location : Admiralty Drive Sembawang (near Canberra Primary School)
      All livestock are still in the tank.
      Equipment sale to follow after all livestocks are sold.
      Thanks for the Support.
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