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Hi all, 

Few fishes to go: chromis, red sea salfin,  tailspot wrasse, clarkii clown, pink Smith damsel, velvet damsel. Emerald crab

Few corals, red digitata, red mushrooms, bubbles.

Few equipment, ocean runner 3000, rio45, maxspect Razer, biopellet reactor, wavemaker with pulse control.Chiller Hailea hc1000 need top up gas.

Liverocks sufficient to fill 4ft tank

Tank size is 2*2.5*3ft. Thickness 10mm, black silicone. Too bottom brace.

Take all for 500. 

Please contact at 974Ol2l8.




The spirit of sharing...

always remember forum is like its name - forum

Singapore Reef Club – We are an online discussion community which aim to provide quality information about setting up and keeping a marine reef aquarium. By joining us as a members, you will be able to learn and share your experience in this hobby and at the same time making some friends here !! We hope by educating the public about the marine hobby, we will be able to create greater awareness of the fragility of our coral reefs as well as loving each and every living fish / corals we purchase as a responsible reefer.

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