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price difference from sg and overseas lfs

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Hmmm... Same thing. Petrol is about SGD $2.30/L in Singapore.
SGD $0.90/L in Malaysia.

Pizza Hut
$50 for a family of 4.
RM50 for a family of 4 = $17

Prices are always different in every country.
Example. If you can charge $50 for a $5 item and people still buy it, would you sell it for only $10? As Long as there is supply and demand and people are willing to pay, prices will always be high.
If a few lfs willing to spoil market and sell dirt cheap, they will crash market price and prices will drop. Just that everyone wants to earn more for less work.

Stingray. Used to be $200+ per piece.
Now? 30-50 no one wanna buy. Cause too much supply not enough demand.

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Shipping costs are a big factor in this as well. If the countries you’re referring to are places like The UK and the states, naturally their shipping costs are gonna be through the roof for livestock coming from places like Bali, Hawaii, Fiji, Sri Lanka, Philippines, The Red Sea. It’s much cheaper for us here because we’re in the southeast Asian region where most of the tropical reef animals collected for the hobby are. So naturally in Singapore you can find certain species of angels and tangs, and especially more fragile species like butterflyfishes that would cost more than double in other countries but seem cheap here, because of handling costs and things like that

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On the flip side certain things we get from temperate reef places like the Atlantic like blue spot jawfish, they retail for close to 200 when in places like the UK they’re probably less than 50 pounds

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I find that the branded gear is about 10 to 20% more expensive in the UK then what we can get here in Singapore... for example a Vectra L2 is sgd699 locally whilst in the uk it is equivalent to 805! Germany I find is the cheapest place in Europe to buy gear. However, in the USA goods do appear cheaper as an L2 is just 633sgd. I dont see any Chinese brands being much cheaper.

One benefit of Singapore is that it also has a healthy secondhand reefing market thanks to apps like this one :)

Further UK is also expensive for livestock... I read a post on a UK facebook forum complaining that Yellow Tangs were being priced ridiculously at GBP400+ (750sgd)... so count your blessings hahaha.

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