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    • By Zhi Long Oh
      Selling marine betta fish for $5 , collection tonight at woodlands
    • By Zhi Long Oh
      Selling parrot fish at $5 , collection tonight.
    • By Reefsystems
      Hi all,
      We would like to announce our new corporate partnership with Specialised Aquatics Solutions. Their shop is located at 19 Anamalai Avenue, #01-01, Singapore 279987. It is very accessible as it is located 300m from Sixth Avenue MRT station, which is only a 3-minute walk. 
      It is a one-stop brick and mortar aquarium shop and their staff are all trained to be very well-informed. They even have 3 Marine Biologists on their team so feel free to approach them for any consultation or to receive recommendations. 
      The shop is fully air-conditioned and it is split into 2 sections, the livestock room and the dry goods section. The livestock room has 14 display tanks ranging from 1500mm to 2400mm and has a large variety of fishes and corals for customers to choose from. The dry goods section is well-stocked with all types of new products and equipments. You can see and touch the product for yourself as they are not kept in boxes. 
      There is also a massive display tank (2000mm by 1500mm) at their entrance so do drop by and take a look for yourself! 
      Here are some reviews from renowned and respected people in our industry who have visited the shop:
      “Regarding my recent visit to Aquatics Solutions in Singapore, I was very impressed from the time I pulled up to the front of the store. It looked very modern and stylish for an Aquarium store. I walked in the front door and it looked amazing. The whole store had a very open approach to the layout and a beautiful glass front to the fish room. You can see virtually everything as you walk in the front door. It was so clean and organized. I felt very comfortable in this environment. There was a vast array of dry goods if International Brand to choose from as well as an assortment of beautiful marine and Freshwater aquarium fish. I was truly amazed by the selection and the health of the fish. I also talked with several staff and they where highly professional and very knowledgeable. I can't wait to revisit Singapore so I can go back to this amazing Aquarium store  (Specialised Aquatics Solutions).” - Patrick Durkin, API (MARS fish care) Asia Pacific Biz Manager
      "Got the opportunity to visit the new shop of Specialised Aquatics Solutions. Hands down among the best aquarium store I've ever seen. Fantastic and exclusive live stock, big range of dry goods, excellent services and probably the best show tank in the world. Make sure to stop by!" - Mr Florian Schuran, Schuran OHG (Renowned Specialist in Tank Making).
    • By adtan2015
      Hi guys, 
      would like to trade my tank with sump and cabinet + livestocks to GO PRO Hero4 or any cam. Just send me your offer. Attached are the pics and dimensions of the tank. 

    • By IshDeOne
      Hi Guys ,

      i'm really new to this saltwater hobby and it would be nice if i could get some advice from the Experienced Hobbyist.
      I've yet to buy any of the stuff , as i want to fully plan out before i get the stuff. & i know this hobby isnt cheap as well.

      Can someone advice mi how to start this hobby from scratch? I;ve read many sites but its all over the place & i cnt seem to have a clear picture.

      also i would like to know if a chiller or heater is neccessary?

      thank you
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