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    • By nyxnhh
      Looking for the above
      though tank is 4ft but its depth is only 23cm thus overall water volume is about 90 to 95 litres.
      No idea what kind of overflow box capacity is suitable but if you have any suitable ones to let go, please kindly pm.
    • By drato11
      Selling a set of Brand new Red Plant Grow LED set for DIY enthusiast to set up lights for Algae Scrubber. 
      Selling for $30.
      Set consist of the following 5 items: 
      1. Heat Sink (17cm x 17cm, thickness 4.5cm)
      2. 10 x Red Plant Growth LED
      3. 10 x 90deg LED Lens
      4. LED driver
      5. Heat Sink Glue for sticking the LED
      The heat sink is thick so it can stand firmly upright and thick enough to dissipate heat, no need for additional fan on the heat sink.

      What it will look like after setting up (pic from my previous set up).

      Pm me if interested. 
    • By drato11
      Clearing storeroom, selling the following Tunze stuff and Overflow box.
      1. Tunze Nano Wavebox ($180)
      Complete set including light sensor (for activating night mode when lights are off). Very good condition. Compact slim size but create large waves.
      2. Tunze Silence 1073.05 Return pump for ($160).
      Adjustable flow rate up to 3000L/hr. One of the quietest and reliable pump. Complete set with box.

      3. Eshopp Nano Overflow Box ($60)
      Extremely reliable overflow box without breakage of siphon. Compact size and handles 2 times the rated flow. I used it on my 3ft tank with 3000L/hr pump. 

      Interested please PM me with your contact number. Thanks. 
    • By Reef_Depot
      D-D UltraFlow Weir Comb

      Designed by D-D and produced within the U.K.
      Maintaining high flow through a standard a weir comb isn’t an easy task, weir boxes are usually manufactured to be as small and unobtrusive as possible but that often results in the display aquarium run height backing up due to the short linear length of the top of the weir glass and to the added restriction of a standard weir comb.

      The D-D UltraFlow weir employs horizontal and vertical drain slots allowing around 30-50% more water to flow through the slotted sections compared to a standard vertical overflow comb greatly reducing the water run height of the display aquarium. When employing restrictive standard vertical weir combs water can start to back up in front of the combs and to touch the brace bars or at worst overflow the aquarium!!.

      The higher flow through the weir comb also allows for higher output return pumps to be employed .

      Innovative design by D-D
      Designed to retro fit existing aquaria or for installation as part of your new aquarium build.
      Adjustable glass runner for 6,8 and 10mm glass Can be installed on glass over 10mm thick by cutting the runner and bonding it directly to the glass Easily removable gridded section for easy cleaning and to maintain high flow Ultra high flow rates Available in 60cm lengths
      D-D UltraFlow Weir Comb Installation
      The D-D UltraFlow weir comb has been designed to drastically increase the amount of water that can pass through it by adding an extra grid to the underside of the comb thus increasing the surface area of the comb. This results in an increased flow through the comb of around 30-40% compared to a standard comb of the same length.
      The comb can also be easily removed for cleaning and includes the ability to mount to various glass width's of glass by means of a push fit or for very thick glass the runner can be cut to suit and bonded into place.
      The UltraFlow weir comes supplied in two parts, the weir comb itself which push fits into the runner so it can be quickly removed for cleaning and the runner that can be either installed by pushing onto the weir glass (6-10mm glass) or by bonding the runner onto very thick weir glass (12mm +).

      The image below illustrates how the multi-fit runner should be prepared to fit different thicknesses of glass. The runner includes a tab (highlighted in pink) that can bent into the correct shape to fit the appropriate thickness of glass (6-8mm). A guideline moulded into the runner will highlight where to make the bend. The tab is quite robust so it holds the runner into position so some force will be required to bend it into shape.
      For 8-10mm glass the tab does not require bending and will sit against the back of the glass.
      For 12mm glass or over the runner can be cut to shape and bonded directly to the glass, there are guides moulded into the runner to highlight where to cut. Scoring the line firmly with a sharp Stanley knife (watch your fingers) 4-5 times will allow you to cut through the runner at the score line as per the diagram for 12mm glass below.
      If the runner is to be bonded onto a running aquarium we recommend using either Innotech or Gold seal Aquarium mastic as both will go off under water and are rubber based, Silicone sealant type mastics may not permanently bond to plastics and will not set under water. Bond the runner to the weir glass and allow to set, and then install the weir comb to complete installation.

      If you wish to install the weir comb onto a box type weir the comb can be mitered as per the image below.

      Photos Credit - Coral Gardens, DD the Aquarium Solution
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