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Hi all, a slight intro of myself. Been a member for sometime but this is my 1st tank thread here. 

I started off with a 4footer aquatechnic tank which I had gotten from the Pasar Malam section here. Loved the tank to bits but due to the amount of time to maintain tank n some unforeseen circumstances, I decommissioned it. 

After a period of time n stumbling on a gd opportunity, I started reading again. Presently I hv a IM 25 Lagoon n am anxiously waiting for the arrival of my new upgrade.

Here is a sneak preview of my tank cabinet (after slight modifications) which a reefer here had very generously offered me after his decom. 

Will follow up with more pics and details of equipment. 

I am here to learn, share n enjoy. N hope to receive feedbacks and comments.






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Tank arrive this afternoon. Will have to wait for piping works.



Customed Peninsula 38" x 18" x 15"  (10mm) Braceless 4 sided Crystal glass 

Sump 20" x 16" x 18" (6mm) 

ATO 4" x 16" x 18" (6mm)

Equipment List

Radion XR15W G4 Pro Marine Led x 2

Skimz Monzter E Series SM121 - Internal

Arctica 1/4 chiller

Jebao DCS 7000 pump

Jebao RW-4

ATO - Osmolator Nano 3152

Two Little Fishes Phosban Reactor 150

Filter Media

MarinePure Block

CaribSea Seaflor Special Grade Reef Sand- DRY (still deciding)

Zero EX5 - RO/DI

Rowa Carbon

Rowa Phos

Red Sea Coral Pro Salt





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2 hours ago, MarCal said:

Yeah. The world is too small n thank you very much for the help. 

Indeed very small! haha.. i will still see you very often.. :D

Reefing is like a Relationship, Once you fall in Love with it, You will Love it for Life... :wub:


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1 hour ago, rojakclownfish said:

excited to see livestocks inside your new tank soon! 

Am exited too but will be taking this very slowly. 

43 minutes ago, Juan said:

Looking good! Can take a closer pic of your overflow box? I don’t see the comb?

Thanks. Comb is not in yet. 


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