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I Decom my 5x2.5x2.5 tank i've listed all my equips for sale below.

1. Mars Aqua LED 3 set with free sets of LED for custom mod.  Price 400 SGD


     Comes with Original Box and packaging.


     Free extra LED for Modding. 


2. Hailea HC1000b 1 HP Chiller (Comes with Original Box) . Price 350 SGD


3. Bubble Magus Curve 9. Price 150 SGD


4. Skimz SideA FR (Comes with Small pump) .   Price 80 SGD


5. Skimz BR100 Biopellet Reactor. Price 80 SGD


6. Misc Stuff 


       6a. Reef Kalk (1/2)= 5 SGD

       6b. Rowa Plus (1/2) = 10 SGD

       6c. Alkalinity Test kit (exp 10/2019) = 10 SGD

       6d. Calcium Test Kit (exp 10/2019) = 10 SGD

       6e. Reef Roids (Full) = 15 SGD

       6f. Dupla EEze (Full) = 15 SGD

       6g. Reefmax part F Supplement (3/4) = 10 SGD

       6h. Skimz Socks holder = 5 SGD

       6i. Refractometer = 10 SGD

       6j. TDS Meter = 10 SGD

Tank is 5x2.5x2.5 Feet with 12mm glasspanel and euro bracing. Overflow to the sump tank is at the corner. If anyone is interested please whatsapp me for further info. 

Also have a couple of dry rocks bleach and sun dried and a couple of pounds of sand which ill be posting it soon after i took some photos.

If interested please whatsapp me @ 85223044.







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Quick Update.

6h. Skimz Socks holder =  SOLD

6j. TDS Meter = SOLD

2. Hailea HC1000b 1 HP Chiller (Comes with Original Box) . SOLD



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 6b. Rowa Plus (1/2) = RESERVED

 6c. Alkalinity Test kit (exp 10/2019) = RESERVED

 6d. Calcium Test Kit (exp 10/2019) = RESERVED

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Another Quick Update.

1. Mars Aqua LED 3 set with free sets of LED for custom mod.  Price RESERVED

5. Skimz BR100 Biopellet Reactor. Price RESERVED

6a. Reef Kalk (1/2)= SOLD

6e. Reef Roids (Full) = SOLD


Whats left are.

3. Bubble Magus Curve 9. Price 150 SGD

4. Skimz SideA FR (Comes with Small pump) .   Price 80 SGD

6f. Dupla EEze (Full) = 15 SGD

6g. Reefmax part F Supplement (3/4) = 10 SGD


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    • By Faisal
      My anemones got stuck into my wavemaker overnight and made my tank full of toxic. This made most of my fishes dead when I saw the tank in the morning. 
      Such a devastating day for me!
      Got up and started to make my tank again and right now its still without any fishes..
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      Hello ladies and gentlemen, here are some stuff to clear...
      If interested, please PM  
       5kg dead coral and small rocks that used to be in my overflow compartment. Maximum about 8cm in length, mostly in the 6 -  8 cm range. $5  Rossmont Mover 15200. Small but extremely powerful powerhead. Used less than a year with receipt.  24w, 15200 litres/hour Slight unnoticeable kink on the cover when I tried to pry it open for cleaning, but doesn't affect performance. $90 Hailea HX-8810 . This is the older model with a stronger max head which consumers 20W instead of the new 17w (1.6m) version 20w, 1000 litres/hour Max head 1.95m $10 Tunze Turbelle Nanostream 6020 Great for small tanks up to 250 litres, OR just for stirring salt mix... $30 Tunze Osmolator Nano (ATO) Not working, needs repair, no idea what's broken, get for spare parts, etc $5 Tunze Turbelle Stream 6085 Reliable workhorse 14w, 8000 litres/hour $120 Beamswork/Odyssea 18w LED dual switch - Blue only or Blue+White 6 white + 3 blue $10 Eheim 1264. Another trusty workhorse. 100w, 4500 litres/hour Max head 3.5m $100 Resun Autofeeder AF-2009D $5 Sunsun Submersible pump HQJ-1000B. Only used for under 5 minutes, flow deemed too strong for refugium. 12w, 1000 litres/hour $10 Collection at 164127. Thanks everyone
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      - Selling as a set or individually. 
      - Whole 
      -Selling as a set @ $600 or individually. Prices below. Open to negotiation 
      - Made by CRA Aquarium
      - You’ll need to get own movers to dismantle piping, move and install for you at your own cost.
      1 . Tank 1 : size : L 42" x W30" x H18"
      -12mm glass (Braceless ) with front and left Crystal glass
      -Black silicone / Black oyama at back
      -Bean animal overflow on right ( 3 holes )
       2 . Top electrical cabinet L10" x W36" x H18" 
      - With door and lamination
      3 . Tank 2 : Size : L20" x W20" x H 18"
      - 10mm glass ( Braceless ) with bean animal overflow
      - With back wood panel to clip light
      4 . Base cabinet : L81" x W36" x H 343⁄4”
      - Construct with 3”x2” solid Kapo wood structure
      - with front and right side doors (electrical compt. On right )
      - color : Body : 23E67 Congo Teak
      - Doors : 23U37 Trinity Wood L
      No sump
      Item 1&2: $300
      Item 3: $150
      Item 4: $300 (need to sell 1-3 first)
      Items1-4 as a set: $600
      Text me at 81117171 to arrange viewing at Depot Rd. 

    • By bellinayu
      1. fluval sp4 (7500lph): $120 (without base)
      2. Eheim 1262: $120
      3. Eheim 1260: $100
      4. Eheim 1250: $80
      5. Pump to hose fittings: $3 per pc
      Par38 customised LEDs: $30 per pc (colours as indicated) Ceiling mounting rails: $30 Led bar: $150 for 2 pcs Par gooseneck: $30 Co2 cylinder with filled co2 (steel): $60 Co2 cylinder (aluminum): $80 Intense solenoid: $70 Nsta ph controller (new): $80 FR (twist & turn type) with feeding pump; easy to change media: $30 Battery operated fish feeder (new): $10 2 little fishes kalkwasser reactor: $20 Tunze power magnet cleaner: $20 Acrylic corner frag station: $10 Acrylic side frag station: $20 Frag plugs (assortments) : $30 whole lot Frag station: $10 Coral cutter: $15 per pc Sock holder & socks (2 x nylon & 3 x pp): $40 Small Filter bags: $5 Dosing hose holder: $5 Float switch: $5 Potassium chloride: $5 Eheim quick release: $15 per pc Fritz probiotic salt: $140 for 2 tubs collection at Depot Rd. PM me to deal.

    • By Slimymadness
      Used for 2 weeks. Comes with receipt. Warranty valid for 12 months.
      Blue plus or2 led bar 60cm length.
      Foc 1 vitalis flakes fish food. Brand new.
      Selling cos cannot fit my hanging rack.
      18 leds x 3w
      Price $150
      Self collect pasir ris dr 6. Reservation with deposit only.
      923 zero zero 827

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