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Sirius' Rimless Shallow Mixed Reef

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As you can see I’m quite a scoly lover... this is another nice piece I like. Hope some of you would find it pretty as well. Realised scolies are no longer as in demand these days but I hope more wou

A random tank shot I took on my phone back in Feb, just before lights off and when most of the torches were still around. Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app

Here’s the centerpiece of my reef tank: my rainbow crush chalice colony Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app

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2 hours ago, nuclear_fibre said:


Haha I think it’s the photography skills of@reefsg... I have the same camera but couldn’t come up with half the quality.

Your tank’s turning out nicely too! emoji4.png where are your updates?! I wanna see the latest fts!

Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app


After seeing ur tank, I am too embarrass to post pics :lol:

Actually nothing much to update also

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How you prevent brown algae from ur tank ?

Sent from Singapore Reef Club mobile app

Hi yuzz, I think it will help if you cycle ur rocks properly before stocking. My rocks in the tank now were filled with LR from my previous setup, and new rocks I actually bought dry/dead rocks from fellow reefers, then bleached, dried, soaked and then kept running in a 60l drum filled with my tank water (which comes from the 40l of water that are removed weekly during water changes) for 8 weeks before they went into this current tank.

I suspect this could possibly be the reason I don’t have brown algae on my rocks as they are populated w bacteria and cycled when they are introduced. But I still have diatoms on my sand which I remove with a gravel cleaner upon advice from subzero.

Hope this helps :)

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10 hours ago, nuclear_fibre said:


Every tank is unique! And definitely the apple of the owner’s eyes! I like how you arrange ur corals neatly with a great eye for placement! emoji4.png

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Thank you for ur kind words. I am still taking very baby steps n learning. Hoping not to make any major mistakes along the way. 

Btw another nice pic of acan! 

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