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Is it possible to set up a 10 gallon saltwater tank and fill about a quarter of it with my current saltwater tank's water? My current tank is running stable about 5 months already, keeping a zoa colony, a blue leg hermit and a clownfish under 2 normal filters, no protein skimmers no water changes

Can i put some of that water in a new tank and add newly mixed water, and start keeping corals in it? am i asking for trouble in some sense?

Please help. The reason why I'm gonna start the 10 gal is for a BTA (it'll have a protein skimmer for it)

And i wanna put it in when the tank water is 6 months

Which, is the main question. if i mix 5 month water and newly mixed water does it still count as 5 month water?

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Shouldn’t matter I think.
I just transfer the water from my 2ft to my 3ft and top up with new salt water last month.
Technically it’s like doing a water change.
Do have Corals and fishes in my 3ft now and they are looking quite well for a few weeks already.
Btw, I’m not a pro, so if mine survives, so should yours?

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