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Mushrooms destroyed


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so I bought this piece a few days ago and at first, everything was going well and it looked quite healthy, then a couple of days later it started to tear. At first I thought it might've been splitting so I didn't pay much attention to it. Today after getting home I found it almost completely destroyed. Two other mushrooms on the same rock are also appear damaged but mushrooms on other rocks appear to be perfectly fine. Is this something that happens with mushrooms sometimes or could there be crabs/fish/parasites that are causing this? I have some hermit crabs in my tank but I rarely see them on the mushrooms, I believe these particular mushrooms are discosomas.



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From the photo, seems like giant mushroom rather than yuma. Some mushrooms are not easy and do read up to understand. Among all, I personally think ric is the most easy. The rest, experience melting very often. One encounter was my clowns go disturb the giant mushroom till they melt.

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