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Research project on public's awareness of plankton blooms

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    • By unicornfart
      Hi, anybody uses this product from Fauna Marin before? 
      Looks promising 
    • By Shuhui

      I have read quite some threads about reefers having bobbit worms (Eunice aphroditois) in their tanks attacking livestocks and having trouble getting these worms out of their live rocks. It seems like this worm can be quite common when they hitch-hike in live rocks, but does anyone know where can I get the worms? Is it sold anywhere here?

      Also if anyone has caught a bobbit worm, whether dead or alive, could you PM me?

      I'm working in a research group where we study marine crustaceans and cephalopods, and I'm interested in doing some research on this worm. Not much information have been available for these worms as compared to many other marine species, so it would be great if we could get some to work on to reveal more insights about them.

      I'm very hopeful to receive informative and helpful feedback! I am a new tank owner myself and will be glad to learn more and make new reefer friends!

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      Hi looking for Fox Coral, Galaxia and Acan

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      Decom items for sale

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      Giveaway : Clownfish

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