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Hi reefers,
Im Taking a break from reefing and funding funds for new hobby.

1) Live stocks,
Healthy stable Tangs 3 to 4 inch,
Sohal - $150
YT - $60
PT - $80
Flame hawk - $45
3 blue eye anthias - $20
If take all fish - $300

Have Some left over balance easy corals for sale ranging from $20 to $80,
Aussie yellow elegance
Golden hammer
Pink gonio
Aussie rainbow acans
Golden cloves
Super sun

2) 4 X 2 X 15inch
Tank / cabinet / sump/
Jecod 12k return pump
Rw15 and Rw8 wavemaker
Lights for refugium,
Auto feeder
Medias- pond matrix - 10L
Siphorax - 5L
Live rocks mostly in my sump
all im keeping.
Selling at $250

3) Skimmer sm201 - $130
New pump change from AM 4 months

3) Plug n play Calcium reactor set,
Skimz cm122
Intense solenoid
Milwaukee cm122
Syncra pump
S/S 3L cyclinder
ARM Coarse medias.
Selling all as a set for $300

4) Radion XR 15
$400 each.
Buy all 3 at $1000.
Used for 1 year plus.
Comes with railings..

5) Arctica 1/4 hp
Selling at $380
3 years plus ,
Service every 6 months from
Sam ( aquanauntics)
Top knotch condition.

6) Spare chiller hailea hs90A

7) DI unit 4 stage
Comes with almost full resin
TDS ..

8) salifert test kits
Cal/ mag/kh / no3/ pottasium
And hanna po4 checker
Comes with 15 packets
new regents expire 10/2020
Atc Refractometer
All for sale at $100

No reservation , Fcfs basis!
Low ballers get no reply.

Intrested pm me for more details.
Thanks for viewing



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Thank u so much for the over whelming response!

Sorry to those that i did not reply to.

Balance item left is

Tankset, DI 4stageset

and calcium reactor set.

Price is negotiable now!

Low ballers welcome!






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