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Coral Sale: Lobo, Duncan, Yuma, Zoas.


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All Coral Prices Below

IM10 Tank & Accessories for sale as well full thread here

Neon Green Lobo - $90


Large Green/Brown/Blue Shroom - $85 each  (There are a total of 4 available, first come first serve)

Red Shroom (bottom right) - $65 



Grey Yuma - $80


1 Green Shroom and 2 Red Shroom Rock - $100



Red and Grey Eye Zoas - $60

Purple and Orange Eye Zoas - $60


Duncan (5 Heads) - $90



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    • By kaminari369
      Selling my emperor angelfish, bought it recently but realized my that my tank would't be a large enough to house it, thus selling to a reefer that can better accomodate to its needs. 
      Currently only 1.5 inch - 2 inch which is quite small.
      Do pm me for more pics and offer me a price/fish/coral 
      Flexible with letting it go for lower price as i want to give it a better home
      Thank You
      My meetup is around Pasir Panjang, Harbourfront, Botanics, Buona Vista, Clementi and anywhere along the way, can be discussed.
      Just a sample pic below, actual fish is much smaller than that
      Can also message me at 97158663

    • By rypie
      Hi everyone, selling off my Condy, white with pink/purple tips at $30 (much prettier under blue lights), 2 inch base
      Please pick up at The Raintree, Bukit Drive if driving, or can meet nearby
      Pls Whatsapp at 8one00six231
      Can pm more pics/videos

    • By pazos011
      Hello Fellow Reefers 
      I'm currently looking to sell my one-year-old IM Fusion Nano 10. Comes with all warranty documentation and manuals, original pump, filter sock, skimmer, tank light, filter chamber along with the awesome accessories listed below.
      It's worked fantastically to keep a mix of Shrooms, Duncan, Zoas, Blasto, Yumas etc, along with a pair of clowns and a purple dotty back over the last year. 
      Tank has been scrubbed clean and is ready for it's new owner.
      Originally purchased the Tank at FreshNMarine for $750.00++. The tank/pump/skimmer have been completed cleaned, scrubbed down and ready for their new owner.
      I will also throw in the Accessories below for FREE with the TANK.
      Pickup available near Great World City / Somerset Monday - Sunday flexible hours. If interested please message me for HP number.
      TANK + Accessories - $450 OBO
      IM 10g Tank
      IM Desktop Ghost Skimmer
      IM Skyye Light 18w 8000k
      IM 200 Micron Sock
      1x Jebao RW-4 ($65 value)
      1x ReefRack 32  - Magnetic Frag Rack ($50 Value)
      1x  API Master Testing Kit (Only been used 4 times when the tank was started)
      1x  Hydrometer
      1x - Large Orange Plastic Tweezers
      1x Thermometer
      1x Large Glass Pipet
      1x Glass Cleaner Magnet
      1x Biohome Plus
      1x Furan-2
      1x 20L Bucket for water changes
      1x  Prodac Filter Floss Bag (3/4 left)
      1x  Dr. Bassleer BioFish Food (1/2 left)
      1x  Brine Shrimp Feed (Full, never used)
      1x  Red Sea Coral Pro Salt (Enough left for 2-3 water changes)
      1x  Coral Snow Plus (enough left for 2-3 water changes)
      1x Biomate (enough left for 1 water change)

    • By Bozzykoh
      A. Golden Clove frag-$18
      B. Neon tip Leather coral (about 8.5 cm across )-$28
      C. Leptastrea(mid size frag disk/encrusted )-$35
      D. Mohawk Frag (at least 7 polyp )-$15
      E. Ultra Metallic GSP - $20
      F. Gold Meister Chalice - $35
      G.Ultra Lumi Green tip blue base Yuma-$25
      H. Neon Torch (3 heads)-$40
      I.  Indigo Paly -$25
      J. Clam ( M-Size) $40
      K. Ultra lumi tip Gonio Colony (Opens to hand size ) -$45
      L.Bright Orange Plate coral-$35 
    • By Bozzykoh
      Selling the following corals ! =)
      WA/Msg : 8752 9711
      Watermelon Favia ( At least 6 heads & encrusted) -$25
      Duncan ( At least 7 heads ) - $30
      Ultra Lumi Gonio ( Colony size ) - $45
      Ultra Lumi Yuma ( Around 3.5cm ) - $28
      Rhodactis ( Frag plug size ) $20
      Bright orange plate (small) $ 25
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