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Weekly LFS Shipment Update 18th Feb to 24th Feb

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Huge Hawaii shipment tomorrow morning:

*** We will only respond to enquiries on pricing after shipment arrival.


Flame angel
True Hawaiin flame angel  
Potter angel
Lemonpeel angel
Fisheri angel
Kole tang
Bartlett Anthias
Four line wrasse
Hawaiin cleaner wrasse 
Geoffroy/Potter leopard wrasse
Red tail wrasse female
Red tail wrasse male
Declives butterflyfish 
Goldflake Angel (S)
Goldflake Angel (L) 
Bandit Angel 12cm 
Crosshatch triggerfish female 
Crosshatch triggerfish male 
Black Tang (M)
Personatus angelfish 
Yellow Tang 
Hawaiin Squirrelfish
Orange tail filefish
Jactator puffer
Yellow margin moray

Do refer to our Facebook Page : Iwarna Aquafarm

Pictures are uploaded there for new shipments. Thank you.


*We have strict reservation policies for livestock, please refer to our sponsor forum for more information.

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Reefing Reality Collective Shipment Arrived!!

Acropora sp
- Selago
- Millipora
- Yellow tenuis
- Blue stag
- Deepwater

Assorted Frogspawn
- Green
- Neon Green

Assorted Branching Hammer
- Gold Tip
- Rose Gold
- Orange Tip
- Yellow Tip
- Green
- Teal

Assorted Lobophyllia (M-L)
- Ultra

Assorted Favia/Favites

Assorted Goniopora
- Green
- Blue

Assorted Cynarina
- Green
- Red

Assorted Trachyphyllia
- Mixed Green

Assorted Elegance
- Green with Blue Tip

Assorted Plate
- Green
- Orange
- Red
- Rainbow
- Multicolor

Assorted Bubble
- Green
- Green marble
- Pearl

Assorted Blastomussa
- Ultra

- Orange Rhodactis
- Green Rhodactis
- Multicolor Rhodactis

- Multicolor Yumas
- Big Bubble Yumas

- Lightning Leopard Discosoma
- Super man Discosoma
- Metallic Red Discosoma

Premium Taiwan Zoas
- Fruit loops
- Deepwater eagle eye
- Red eagle eye
- Purple hornet
- Blue hornet
- Sunflower
- Mind blowing
- Gorilla nipple
- Peach paradise
- Space Queen
- Blow Pops
- And many more to name

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T95 , Philippines shipment :


Pintail fairy wrasse , sailfin Fairy wrasse , earmuff wrasse ‘ nice sizes’ , and rarely seen , Pink Babi wrasse.

2 pieces only .




And some other fishes.



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