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WTS: Beautiful Elegance Coral


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Selling a beautiful Elegance Coral from my tank. More information below: 

  • Species: Catalaphyllia jardinei
  • Common Name: Elegance Coral
  • Origin: Indonesia
  • Care Level: Beginner
  • Color:
    • Daylight: Mostly beige/pink, with white tipped tentacles.
    • Actinic: Jade green
  • Water Params: 
    • Salinity: 1.025
    • Temp: 26 - 27c
    • Alk / Cal / Mg: Not fussy as long as stable.
  • Size: 
    • ~21cm wide (fully opened)
    • ~12cm high (fully opened)
  • Temperament: Non aggressive. Peaceful with small fish, crustaceans and inverts
  • Number of mouths: >6
  • Diet: Mostly photosynthetic. Weekly frozen Mysis and plankton
  • Characteristics: Acclimated to a medium flow area with medium/high lighting. Exceptionally graceful, long tentacles gives the aqua-scape a lot of motion within the tank.
  • Reason for sale: Outgrown my 50g tank. I think her beauty needs to be displayed in a more appropriate environment.

The Images portray the actual specimen. (WYSIWYG)

Price: S$90.00.

I am located in Holland Village area.




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