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My reef tank (Part 2)

Darren Sim

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When to test my po4 with my Hanna ULR checker. Results turned out to be 200ppb = 0.7ppm. That’s very high for SPS to thrive in. But I’m not surprised because from what I read online is that all new tanks with new rocks or gravel will typically give high po4 readings.

In order to reduce my po4 readings I decided to use RowaPhos. I heard from my reefer friends saying that Rowaphos is really effective in reducing po4 so I decided to give it a try.

Used an online calculator to calculate my dosing. It turns out to be around 420gram. That’s almost half of the bottle. I placed it in my torq reactor and give it a light rinse before running it.

Let’s see how my po4 readings will be after 2-3 weeks time.


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This tank have not been very smooth. Happened a lot of things such as unstable rock work, bubble algae, AEFW etc within this 1 year.


Decided to remove my “floating” scape because the base is not strong enough to hold the weight of the top. So I went over to add a stronger rock to support the base and to eliminate any empty space.


Added additional 3 Tonga rocks to create a branching out feeling.

Hope this rock will behave and tide over my strong flow.

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