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Just want to give this australian/ Singapore company a review on their newly released product the Ripple Aqua Nano ATO. First and foremost , im very impressed by their customer service , any questions asked was answered in less than half an hour . When i first recieved the ATO about a week after i ordered , i was yet again impressed by how small the product really is . I used to have a innovative marine ato that served me well , but didnt really like it because of the bulkiness , hence i sold it away. This ATO on the other hand had an extremely small footprint . The magnets were really strong and it seemed well built. Am told that this ATO is not just small , but it is very smart too . It is said to be able to work even in high turbulence due to their duo sensors and algorithm , and theres a failsafe feature which cuts the pump when the pumps more than 1.5x the usual amount (adapts and adjusts itself overtime) . However one thing i would like this product to have would be splash guards on the plug connectors like those found on maxspect gyre's wavemakers to safeguard againsts trickling water .  The price of this ATO is also unbelievable , i paid about 120 sgd including shipping as compared to other brands like tunze and IM this rly stands out to me. On long term reliability , i will have to test this out for myself and i will definitely update this thread , but im liking what i see right now and definitely recommending this ! 


Im not sure if this is known yet but the guy based in Sg told me that they will be having a skimmer and return pump coming up soon , super hyped to get them for my tank.

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