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over dose of Nopox


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On ‎11‎/‎20‎/‎2019 at 4:01 AM, crap said:

will overdose of Nopox cause coral to bleach ? I notice that recently my coral was turning white after i increase the dosage of Nopox. How can i save it ? 

my nitrate is 5, and phospahte level is 0

Guide for NOPOX.




  1. Test your Nitrate level before using NOPOX


  2. Estimate your total volume of water (aquarium & sump less volume of live rocks etc)


  3. Once you have confirmed the nitrate level and tank volume, dose NOPOX according to the chart below:


  4. Efficient protein skimming is essential to provide the necessary oxygenation to the aquarium and to remove bacterial flocks from the water.


  5. NOPOX must be added consistently on a daily basis to prevent starvation and destruction of the nitrate reducing bacteria. If you miss one or more days of using NOPOX do not add the extra amount that you have missed, instead resume the dosing at the current daily dose you calculated.


  6. Note, as your nitrate reduces, the amount of NOPOX you add also reduces, so keep testing your nitrate during the first few months of using NOPOX, until you reduce it to 1-0.25ppm, and then continue at that dosage.


  7. NPX is a carbon source that provide nutrition to bacteria which break down nitrate.  If your nitrate levels are high, then NPX will stimulate a large bacteria population to start breaking down nitrates.  Therefore, be careful not to overdose NPOX, and never use more than the recommended dosage.


  8. If you overdose, then the bacteria produced may deplete oxygen in the water.  Hence the need for an efficient protein skimmer to aerate the water.  If you have overdosed, then immediately perform a large water change


  9. For use on SPS aquariums, and more detail advice, please read the product manual.




NPX is an extremely effective product for reducing nitrate in your aquarium, use is carefully and according to the dosing instructions, and you should achieve low levels of nitrates quickly and be able to maintain them at the low level forever.

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