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Yellow tank got red spots


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Hi my perfectly healthy yellow tang suddenly developed some red spots on it. Any idea what it could be ? The fish is behaving as normal and eating normally as well. I recall it did happen after I added magnesium and iodine to the tank.


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Hi bro, you have posted in the wrong section. Please check out at the main forum. 


My tank setting:
Size : 36" x 24" x 18"
Return pump: Tessino GF-353F
Skimmer: Skimz DC skimmer SV203
Lighting : Maxspect Razor R420R 160W
Chiller : Artica 1/4 hp driven by Eheim compact 2000
Wave maker : MP10w x 1, Tunze 6045 x 1

Top up : Tunze Osmolator Universal 3155

Dosing pump : Marine Magic Dosing pump MM-03B

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