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New to corals


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Hi guys, firstly, happy CNY to everyone. I'm new to corals but previously had experience with FOWLR set-up. So have a few question.

Planning to come back to this reefing hobby, so most probably gonna set up a 2-3 ft IOS tank. Can you guys recommend me some nice corals for beginner? And can you guys please leave the rough gauge for the price? Thank you so much.   Not sure if i can include a skimmer/chiller in a this new set-up that i'm gonna do. So hopefully someone can recommend some hardy corals that don't require chiller. Might get a chiller though but still thinking about it. Do you recommend to get one for a small tank?


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If there is no chiller, what is the highest room temperature that the tank will experience?  Anything above 30 DegC, then would seriously recommend getting a chiller.

For a nano, you could get a fan instead of chiller, but beware that the evaporation rate is going to be very high.  Before I got a chiller for my 2 ft IOS, it was evaporating more than 1 liter a day by the fan and achieving 26-30 DegC temperature range, depending greatly on the weather, big temp swing.  After chiller, maybe 1 liter a week.

Without chiller but with fan, I have successfully kept and multiplied zoas, mushrooms, xenias, gsp for long time.  Cost wise would depend on coral type and size, but maybe would say range from $5-$20 per frag?  But with torch, octo, duncan, I only managed to keep them for 6-12 months before they shows signs of deterioration and eventually die.

Suggestion is to have a chiller, for ease of mind and better for the corals health.

Hope above helps in your consideration.

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I think leather coral (eg. toadstool, finger) and mushrooms (eg. yuma, discosoma) are pretty hardy.

Hammer coral are pretty hardy too but probably after a couple of months when you tank stabilises.

Fan should be fine, but can consider getting chiller if the water feels warm when you do you water changes (equipments like light, pumps and wavemaker can warm up the water).


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