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How to setup a quarntine tank?


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I have two 20L tanks set up with separate HOB filters, separate air pump but shared chiller (due to cost. I flush the lines in between transfers). This allows me to perform the Tank Transfer Method on all new wetstock. I also medicate during the TTM a range of antibiotics and anti fungals. This ensures fish are healthy inside and out. If I get any wetstock it goes through either a full or variant quarantine process, I even quaratine chaetomorpha! hahaha.

I also have a 50L observation IOS tank that is completely independent and has it's own chiller. Corals are dipped and kept into observation until they go into the main display. Water from the main display is used to perform water changes on the observation tank as so to keep parameters aligned. I run an old XR15 Gen3 pro above the observation tank. (Just about to rebuild this whole system).

Suggest you check out humblefish on reef2reef for more details on quaratine methods.

If anyone interested happy to share how I quarantine using the meds etc as it's rather specific.

Hope this helps.

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My QT tank setup is

1) 30L tank

2) Hand on back filter (get a bigger one so u can put bio media inside, sera siporax is good)


2) Black filter wool with air pump (seed your filter wool before use)

3) Small Wavemaker (optional, good oxygenation is required when ur dose certain medication

4) T shape plastic pipe (for fish to hide)

5) 4 heads fan (able to maintain the tank at 27c)

6) Temperature control power point, you can set the temp to run and temp to off the fan (optional, taobao got sell 20 buck only)

7) Auto water top up pump (optional, I got item 6 so my evaporation is not alot so I don't need this)

8) Lighting (get from taobao is cheap)
- white light to check fish appearance
- Blue & white light for coral

9) Dr Tim ammonia & Seachem Stability (cycle the tank)

10) Seachem ammonia badge (monitor ammonia spike)

11) Water Change every 3 to 5 days

Once quarantine finish, wash the items with bleach then can reuse already. except item 10

Is always good to quarantine if you want to have a peace of mind moving towards.

Total cost of my setup is below 150.

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