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Fresh water clown fish


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I was at a hdb lfs. Saw they are selling fresh water clown fish. The owner kept them with tetras. I have not been in the hobby for a while, is this a new thing? I see the clownfish are not gasping, but could be bcos they were just introduced.


Is this considered cruelty to animals?


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probably conditioned slowly to brackish water. unethical imo. i know which store you’re referring to bro.. and they are misleading people by saying it’s ‘freshwater’ clownfish when the salinity is not actually freshwater standard. at best it’s brackish. it’s like they’re doing hyposalinity except not as treatment but permanent. and market it as “freshwater” so novice hobbyists will assume it’s alright to dump them in dechlorinated tapwater

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Not the first time this has happened. 


1 hour ago, Otaku Reefer said:

maybe u see wrongly? clown loach perhaps? or the LFS put it for hypo treatment for short while?

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And yes they are indeed Amphiprion spp. A lot of places are selling them claiming them to be "F2 freshwater clowns." They will die eventually, achieving only a tiny fraction of their natural lifespan.

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