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Danano's Reef


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Est. August 2019

The guiding principles behind my tank design and build were simplicity and ease of maintenance.

Another aim was also to establish and maintain an ultra low nutrient environment for SPS to thrive. Managing the bio-load and promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria were key to achieving this.

Some basic information:

TANK: 50g main + 30g lagoon + 20g sump

LIGHTING: AI Hydra 52HD (x2) + Orphek OR60 light bar; lagoon tank Kessil A360X

FILTRATION & CIRCULATION: Skimz skimmer, return pumps (X2) and wavemakers, Prodibio Biodigest & Bioptim, FM Bacto Reef Balls, coral chips and live rock

OTHER EQUIPMENT: Coralbox auto-doser and battery backup, RODI, Haliea HS-66A chiller

SALT & SUPPLEMENTS: Red Sea Salt and Foundation (CA+/KH/Mg), Tropic Marin Pro-Reef, and Fauna Marin Color Elements



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Thanks for the kind words all!

Jim, it's been a long time... how are you and how's the reef?

For those unaware, once upon a time, I had a 110g SPS dominated reef tank. After 12 years away from the hobby, I'm back and still nuts about reefkeeping, with SPS in particular :)


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Yes, lots to learn indeed, with LEDs and all the new equipment and reef keeping methods.... it was back to school for me.

Here's a growth sequence for a hoeksemai frag I salvaged from the mother colony, a piece that started in a nano tank before the 50g. Attached to a small piece of coral rubble, it's now fully encrusted with a few IMG_20190608_200107.thumb.jpg.b2537a7d9025771a992236873b9a3b1a.jpgnew growth tips.


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Thanks Rob! Gazing at the corals, that's the secret ;)

I used to run a CR with my 110g. Now, with a smaller 50g tank, I have an auto-doser, and I've been tuning it the past few months to keep up with the growth and Ca/kH/Mg consumption rate of the corals, which also means weekly or biweekly testing of the three main parameters. The tank is now 9 months, and I've just about reached a steady state with CA/kH/Mg consumption. Auto-dosing also allows me to easily make manual adjustments to the CA/kH/Mg levels to keep the parameters as stable as possible. I'm now playing with the lights, scaling back the intensity a little, to see if there's an impact on the consumption rate without affecting coral colour.

I've kept the bio-load low from the start, and maintained a low nutrient system, hence nitrates and phosphates are undetectable.

Seeding the tank with beneficial bacteria is important as well.

Ca 420-450

dKH 7-7.5

Mg 1380-1450

NO3 undetectable

PO4 undetectable

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