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Microbe-Lift Powered by Suprem3 Corals

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A renowned USA Brand that carry out intensive R&D powerful enough for industrial use such as treating river pollution.
:yahoo:We are proud to announce that Suprem5 Corals is now the Official Distributor for Microbe-Lift Marine in Singapore!:yahoo:
Leveraging on their advance technology in the field, we bring to you:
NITE-OUT II - Bacteria Blend that removes Ammonia & Nitrite for your maintenance/cycling needs
THERAP - Seeding bacteria that reduces odor, nitrate, aids the breakdown of decaying waste and organic matter
PHOSPHATE REMOVAL -Remove Phosphate (PO4) through binding process
ARTEMISS - Boosting your fishes immune while driving off pathogenic bacteria (Dropsy, Fin/Tail/Mouth Rot, Ulcer, Bulging Eyes
HERBTANA - Natural treatment for parasites such as *ICH*, Flukes, Cholodonella Costia, Oodinium & Trichodina
ALGAWAY - Reduce algae & decaying organic matter while being Reef Safe
CLARIFIER - Creates crystal clear water conditions by binding suspended solids and removing chemical discoloration
:eyebrow:These products have seen proven results not just by others, but most importantly by ourselves after rounds of testing. :eyebrow:
To celebrate this happy occasion, Suprem3/5 Corals have decided to launch a introductory promotional of 10% in May for all Microbe-Lift products!!!
Pm us to find out more!!! :D
Team S3/5

Microbe Lift Announcement.jpeg

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Here are some of the test results that we did in house prior to recommending to our reefers community!


Test is using SKIM MATE from our Bubble King Skimmer for our S5 4ft x 4ft Display Tank


Without waiting for more than a minute after dosing, we are seeing instantaneous reaction:


Check out the effects of Nite-Out II and Clarifier vs the original Skim Mate mix:


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