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Fluval Flex 15g Nano Tank

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Just sharing my tank build

Converted my fresh water Fluval Flex 15g into marine tank

Started Aug 2019. Still a noob.


Tank : Fluval Flex 15g

Light : Maxspect Razor Nano. Added AI prime HD reef later due to shadowing.

Skimmer : Eshopp Nano

Wavemaker :  Ecotech MP10wqd (Middle), Tunze Nanostream 6040 (Right bottom to blow detritis)

Chiller : Hailea HK-150A

ATO : AutoAqua AWC Auto

Dosing : Jebao Doser 3.4


FTS with no filters. Just point and shoot with my phone.


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2 clownfish

1 sixline wrasse

Many Trochus snails 

Still Looking for tailspot blenny, anyone?

Tank specifications:



Had to replace the original foam filter as it traps too much detritus. Marine really produces a lot of detritus. Even though I only have 3 fishes, the amount of detritus that accumulates in my tank in a week is a lot (to me)!

Initially replace 2nd chamber with 3d printed modification as below: 


However chamber 1 still accumulates detritis and I got tired of keep trying to siphon detritus out.

Replaced chamber 2 with skimmer and put intank chamber 1 in place with floss and maxspect bioballs during CB


Detritus management is much easier with this as the flow goes one way though the top and detritus gets trapped above, making it easier to clean.

So far so good. 

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Chamber 1: Bioballs, Filter floss, Rowaphos in between filter floss to prevent it from contaminating my tank from leak

Chamber 2: Skimmer, more bioballs, pump to DIY macroalgae reactor 

Chamber 3: Return pump,  Purigen


Jebao Doser 3.4 - Microbacter 7 , ESV 2 part. 

However, I find air bubbles keep getting into the tubes which makes dosing unreliable. I push the tubes tight into the socket but somehow air bubbles still get in. Anyone has any suggestion on how to tackle this?

Kept this tank as I liked the curved front surface which gives a magnified view of its inhabitants. 

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