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WTS Tank set

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- Selling as a set or individually. 
- Whole E871A262-DC91-440A-AADB-38278DD5064C.thumb.jpeg.c1114badc1e0017e106b2d6f9b70f8c1.jpeg
-Selling as a set @ $600 or individually. Prices below. Open to negotiation 

- Made by CRA Aquarium

- You’ll need to get own movers to dismantle piping, move and install for you at your own cost.

1 . Tank 1 : size : L 42" x W30" x H18"
-12mm glass (Braceless ) with front and left Crystal glass
-Black silicone / Black oyama at back
-Bean animal overflow on right ( 3 holes )

 2 . Top electrical cabinet L10" x W36" x H18" 
- With door and lamination

3 . Tank 2 : Size : L20" x W20" x H 18"
- 10mm glass ( Braceless ) with bean animal overflow
- With back wood panel to clip light

4 . Base cabinet : L81" x W36" x H 343⁄4”
- Construct with 3”x2” solid Kapo wood structure
- with front and right side doors (electrical compt. On right )
- color : Body : 23E67 Congo Teak
- Doors : 23U37 Trinity Wood L

No sump

Item 1&2: $300
Item 3: $150
Item 4: $300 (need to sell 1-3 first)
Items1-4 as a set: $600

Text me at 81117171 to arrange viewing at Depot Rd. 








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