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Was using AL-60 Thermoelectric cooling chiller for 2--3 years for my 40-50L nano tank and lately found out it has problem bringing the temperature below 27.5 degree.

Realized one of the fans stopped spinning.  

Since this chiller was doing fine before one fan spoil, so I decided to get another one. Will also replace the fan of the old chiller and use it as a standby.

Perhaps I  wasn't aware all along that this type of chiller will struggle during prolong hot weather,  the problem I faced with the new AL-60. 

The new AL-60 failed to bring down the tank water temperature but instead the water temperature went all the way up to room temperature.

I tested it with 5L and 25L of tap water and it was working normally. But once I hook it up to the tank, it was unable to cool the tank water at all, unless the weather was cooling with room temperature below 28 degree. During those days of troubleshooting, I have to on the room aircon to help out this new chiller :cry2:

So I concluded that this chiller is not suitable for me :chair:. Unless the water volume is halved so that it has enough juice to do its due diligence during a hot day. "Wasted $200" end up in storeroom.

But not sure why the old one was able to do a better job. 


After researching for a while, seems like  after AL-60, the next smaller budget chiller would be Hailea chillers.

Haelia 100A was my first chiller and its noise is horrible. So I decide to choose either HK-150A or 28A.

Finally I decided to go for HK-150A cos 28A seems like a very old model. Have been using the Hk-150A for almost a month now.

Noise wise I think its ok. Its definitely no whisper quiet but is also not very noisy. Its probably sort of slightly louder than your room fan running at full blast :lol: 

Easy setup. Set it at 26 degree.

So far has been working fine like clockwork. Kick in every 45-60mins and run for about 7-8mins.

Hope it can last.

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personally i tink go for chiller is the right decision, normally whatever is rated, u need to include buffer, advertiser normally like to overestimate their stuff. no harm buying a bigger chiller as u just waste abit of upfront money rather than u buy something under rated and cant work, waste even more money. thermoelectric dont think even good for nano, for pico maybe yes. for the price point i rather buy a hailea chiller from taobao.

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