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Week 1 - 31th May to 6th Jun 2004

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We have lots of true perculas, orange ocellaris, fire clowns, orange skunk clowns, regal angelfish, very nice all blue ribbon eels, fire shrimps, commensual shrimps, dispar anthias, tukas, scopas tangs, orange shoulder tangs, orange/purple reef lobsters, fire shrimps, baby cleaner shrimps, coral banded shrimps etc!

2 Catalina Gobies and 7 blue neon gobies still available! Eating cyclopeze!

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dun think there's any controversy about the pronunciation of the word 'potato' it's clearly pronounced as Poh-tay-toh

tomato got two



however iwarna and irwana confirm got no confusion as Iwarna is pronounced as Eee-war-na as previously mentioned and no matter how u try to twist the word, it will never be pronounced as Errr-wa-na(Irwana)

Live and Let Live

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Lots of Fishes!

1. Black Angels

2. Gray Poma (Black Velvet) Angels

3. Bicolour Angels

4. Golden Angel

5. Coral Beauty Angels

6. 6 line wrasses

7. Lots of True Percs

8. White Head Clowns

9. Tomato and Fire Clowns

10. Lots of yellow tangs

11. Some Purple Queen Anthias


1. Saw 1 or 2 Black Cap Grammas

2. Lots of Yellow Tangs

3. Lots of Purple Tangs (Very nice and fat)

4. Juvenile Kole Tangs (Very Cute!! :yeah: )

5. Lots of Catalina Gobies left

6. Lots of Blue Neon Gobies

7. Usual Corals (Lots of Croceas left)

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