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DIY Overflow Box


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Made an overflow box with common materials for my 50L nano tank so that filter maintenance will be easy and allow me have more filtration choices

- 2 longish food containers (raided from my kitchen)
- 9mm aquarium tubings for overflow
- 12mm plastic tube cut to short length as holders to hold the overflow tubings better and neatly (optional)
- a small bulkhead
- coarse sponge to reduce splash and noise 
- small fish tank as sump with acrylic plates cut and siliconed to make the baffles
- a couple of clamps and support to hold the overflow boxes

The idea is of course from youtube, just that I try to make do with what is available at home and avoid PVC (do not like the PVC look and wanted something transparent/visble)
Like a regular overflow box, it will work when power restored (eg doing tank maintenance), no need for priming again.
Max flow rate depends on the surface area of holes you drilled into the box for overflow and the tubing size (or number of tubes you use). 

Am using a Ehiem compact 1000 pumping the return via a chiller to the tank. Working well except my sump is a little on the small side. When power cut the sump is almost full.
A bigger tank is in the works but overflow box will still be reused


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