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Giving away these for those who can use them: 

Self collect at my place. Please do not ask me to bring to some MRT to pass to u. Can WhatsApp me at 93874620.

1. Hydor Flo. This is connected to output of water flow and it'll spin to provide current all around. Useful for small tanks.



2. Red Sea Airstone Protein Skimmer. Airstone driven skimmer but it's really effective and good. I always use it for quarantine tank or nano tank. I bought many good quality wooden airstone to use with this skimmer. Appreciate if you can buy over the new wooden airstones when u collect this skimmer FOC.



3. Thick black filter sponge. Used by cleaned and dried. Size 38cm x 26 cm. Used to use it for HMF filtration.



4. 1 feet T5 (2 tubes) Aquazonic Light set. Light set working well.



5. Good quality new Hanging Kit. Adjustable like ATI hanging kit.





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