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Keeping it simple for reef tank - sustainable ?

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The amount of technology and techniques available to us are tremendous and thus expensive, not to mention a huge amount of time is also required.

Anyone here successful in keeping it simple (essentials) with regards to equipment and husbandry for the long term (say more than 2 years)?

Can you share your secrets and also comment if my below is viable for the long term with lps+low fish stocks ? (just got back to this hobby)

- a chiller and sump with some siporax, coral chips, purigen 

- basic reef lights (currently testing out with my old plant lights with actinics added-on) 

- regular water change of 10% a week using RO/Salt 

No reactors, no dosing, no additives, generally no testing (except for the occasional 6-in-1 litmus dip for NO2, NO3, pH, KH, GH, Cl)

The only addition planned is a skimmer down the road.


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after spending many years in this hobby .... I was still  a C+/B- student :chair:

why I use "was" .. cos I thought I finally know what are my mistakes.

For the past few years I think my nano tank was in a bad shape and only mushrooms can tahan my "torture" :D

So I gather I should just keep mushrooms else seeing the coral rot away also torturing to me.

yes, thanks to the improvement in technology, some expensive equipment are now more affordable, e.g. lighting.

TBC ....

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