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    • By kaminari369
      Selling my emperor angelfish, bought it recently but realized my that my tank would't be a large enough to house it, thus selling to a reefer that can better accomodate to its needs. 
      Currently only 1.5 inch - 2 inch which is quite small.
      Do pm me for more pics and offer me a price/fish/coral 
      Flexible with letting it go for lower price as i want to give it a better home
      Thank You
      My meetup is around Pasir Panjang, Harbourfront, Botanics, Buona Vista, Clementi and anywhere along the way, can be discussed.
      Just a sample pic below, actual fish is much smaller than that
      Can also message me at 97158663

    • By ragu magalingam
      Hi reefers,
      Decommissioning my tank, hence letting go of mainly livestock including variety of tang fishes (2 years old), a juvenile emperor angel (1 year plus), 2 cleaner shrimp and some dried live rocks. Some corals/frags available upon request. Fcfs
      PM only if really keen.
      Collection is in Sengkang. 
      Juvenile Emperor Angel (4 inch): $50

      Purple Tang (about 5 inch): $130

      Purple Tang (about 4 inch): $100

                                                                                       Abit shy
      Yellow Tang (4.5 inch): $60

      Blue Tang (6 inch): $50

      Sailfin Tang (6 inch): $50

                                                                        Has good personality
      Dried live rocks, take all (About 2 pails): $50

    • By Suprem3Corals
      *** Quality Fish Up for Grabs!! ***
      Conspicuous Angelfish 6" ++ 
      Bandit Angelfish ~ 3"
      Archilles Tang L with Amazing Big Teardrop (FEEDING)
      Archilles Tang ML(FEEDING)
      Flame Wrasse   SOLD
      Helfriche Firefish
      Royal Gramma
      Flame Hawk 
      Blackcap Basslet   SOLD
      Yellow Tang (3")
      FEEDING Purple Tang (2 ~ 3")
      PM now, before it's too late!!
      Team S3
    • By soggycookies
      Looking for either one. Ideally 2 inches and above.
      Please pm or whatsapp 9six3six0740 if you have them for sale.
    • By James Pham
      Hi everyone!
      My tank are facing the issue of White Spot on the fish. 1 are going on the bad state and all are got few white spot. So I'm using the AquaPharm Pro Series Cure Ich.
      After I used, the tank water are with blue color, until this morning. The tank water are crystal clear but my skimmer are blue color. I think that skimmer already suck all the treatment inside. 
      How I gonna handle with it ?
      a ) Leave it there
      b ) Off the Skimmer and add AquaPharm Pro Series Cure Ich again

      My Tank Details :
      1. Square tank ( 30x30x35 ) ~31.5Lit
      2. Power Head 201( With AquaClear Quick Filter " Just a black Sponge ) 
      3. Bubble Magus Nano QQ1 Skimmer
      4. Eheim 2217 ( Black Filler Pad - Sera Bio Filter Ring - Bio Home Plus - Sera Filter Wool )
      5. Base sand

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