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dosing bacteria in mature tank

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It really depends, some think of it as snake oil while some swears by it. I personally hook up Microbelift special blend to my dosing pump and dose 5ml into my 170L tank everyday. It has helped me fight of dino/cyano without me doing anything else.

EvolutionZ's Floating Reef:

(Decommed) EvolutionZ's 4ft shallow Mixed Reef Build :

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The rationale of adding bacteria products periodically is to minimize the chance of mono-culture. 

Given a aqarium condition, some bacteria may thrive and out-compete others. Thereby reducing bacterial diversity. Mono-culture system will have less capacity to overcome system fluctuations. If the aquarium condition become unfavorable to this strain,  then there is a good chance for cyano or dino to take over. 

As for if the bacteria products are any good,  that's a huge can of worms.  

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