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Kamor 3 channel dosing pump $150

Algae turf scrubber - $40


Blotchy anthias - adult with good pinkish coloration - $150 (pellet feeding, had it for 2 years)

Sunkist anthias - $40 (had it for 2 years, pellet feeding)

Yellow tang - $35


Big life rocks - 2ft height by 1ft by 1ft and the other piece is 1ft by 1ft by 1ft. Rocks have algae to need to scrub before placing in tank. Selling cheap both piece for $50. 2 pc enough to fill up 4ft tank, no need to scape.


Only able to clear the fish after clearing rocks


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Rocks reserved. Light sold. 


yellow wrasse pair $15 

Maldives Blue eye anthias $10

Designer percula clown $70

Adult black ocellaris Australia clown $50

Orange mandarin $25

Reef roids 90 percent left from big bottle $25 

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