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WTS: Illumagic Blaze X-mini, Brand new Hanging kits

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Selling the following. Interested please WhatsApp me at 93874620.

1. Illumagic Blaze X-mini. 2 cluster of LEDs, compact size for up to 2ft cube spread. Bought in Dec 19, use for only 1 month in Jun. Warranty till Dec 20. Condition exactly like brand new. 

Also bought the single arm hanging kit for the X-mini. Brand new unused. Selling the set of X-mini and single arm hanging kit for $320.



2. Hanging kit for those who do not want to drill holes in the ceiling. Bought 2 sets of Illumagic hanging kit for mounting on the tank to hang LED lights. Brand new unused.

Aluminium arm is 3ft length. Height of the bracket is 30cm. Bought for $130 each set, selling $90 per set.



3. Used set of rust free extendable arms for placing of lightset on the tank. Used it to place T5 set on top of the tank. Arm is extendable from 44cm to 82 cm.


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