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Selling FULL TANK SET (34L)

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OF NANO MARINE 3 for sale


Full set to clear!


Set includes


- 34L Tank (OF NANO MARINE 3)

- Live rocks

- Chilling Fan (Dymax)

- Frag Rack (10 holes)

- Protein Skimmer

- Marine Light


Livestocks (corals only)


- 2 polyp rainbow infusion zoas

- Green Candy cane (1 head)

- purple green candy cane (1 head)

- orange purple lobo

- Duncan (1 head)

- Torch (1 head) (don’t know full name )

- Orange Zoas on rock (7 polyps) (don’t know full name )


Selling all for $180! Price can discuss but don’t lowball :)


I spent a lot on this nano set up but I have too many tanks, hence letting it go!


PM me or whatsapp me at 84two two 11 eight one



Btw, protein skimmer and light isn’t the fancy fancy brand kind... they were part of the ocean free nano marine 3 set





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