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For the past month, I've been trying out something new and that is keeping scallops in the sump. It acts sort of as a water filter for the display tank as I've seen dirty water get cleared up in a few hours without any filtration but just by having scallops/mussels in the tank. First I had to block off the filter wool cup part where the scallops could get trapped at, I bought a simple egg crate and cut it to fit the part where the gap is.


For the front part of my sump now, it only consists of filtration cup with wool, some rocks, a wavemaker for flow, a frag rack and scallops. Scallops seem to be doing good for the past month without any special feeding or lighting so I shall call it a success I guess?

I've recently also gotten a pair of Helmet Picasso Clownfish. They have taken a liking to my gonio garden and have been sleeping in it ever since they were introduced. Luckily my gonio does not close up as it is quite seasoned to take the clownfish's aggressive rubbing against it's polyps as I've previously had a pair of clownfish which also does same.


A fts update of the 350 (14 months without water change)

The 10G Nano Tank "Big Trouble in Little China" has been doing awesome as well. It is a softie only tank with a single AI prime lighting the reef. No skimmer is running but I do have a 5w UV in the filtration compartment. The tank also has a single mangrove plant for nutrient control too. So far this tank has been running for 8 months without any fish but just corals and I've only done 2 water changes as I'm not dosing anything. The temperature for this tank is at 24.5 - 25.5, same as the temperature I have for my reefer 350.


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Over the past week, I went to various lfs to find some livestock that would spruce up the tank even further. Bought some money cowries as the shells were so beautiful, not to mention that they are great algae eaters too


I've also gotten myself a pork fish. Pretty weird name if you'd ask me. At first I thought it was a fish with a pig looking face but turned out to look more like a barracuda. Even though it does looks kind of fierce but it is a very peaceful fish. It doesn't eat my corals/invertebrates/fishes.


Last fish I bought was an eclipse hogfish. This fish was too good looking for me to resist getting it. I was actually surprised that the owner told me it has been in the shop for a few weeks already. Its tail has pinkish red streaks with half of its body being yellow and the other half being purplish grey seperated by a thick black line in the middle of its body. This little guy also does not harass any of my other livestock.


Snagged this purple kenya tree off a reefer who was decomming his tank. Still kind of closed up as of now but it has only been in the water for a few hours. A little brown algae forming at the base of the tree but my fishes are nasty algae killers so hopefully the tree flourishes in the upcoming days.


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Some updates on the tank in its 15th month stage.
Scallops so far are still survivng and doing great.


Did a refill of Tropic Marin's All For Reef for my refuel station, the rest of the liquids which are trace elements and carbon dosing, still can last for about 6 months so shall hold off topping those up for now. So far am just kicking back and letting the tank do its own thing without me having to worry about it so much. Without waterchanges and having dosing being fully automated, there is nothing much for me to do other than refilling the RODI water for my ATO once every 5 weeks.


For my refugium, the china led lights is still going strong and growing my chaeto wonderfully.


Bought a yellow filter for my camera over the weekend as the pictures came off too blue whenever I am using my mirrorless camera. Here are some pictures of the aliens in the three fifty.


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A short update on the kenya tree that was bought a few weeks ago from a reefer who was about to decomm. Placed it at the back of the tank near my gorgonian colony as I thought the back of the tank would look nicer fillled with softies swaying. It has fully extended and now is happily enjoying its spot behind the tank.


Also bought this wrasse, I think it's a wrasse? The nose is a bit longer than a normal wrasse but the lfs told me it was a uncommon kind of cleaner wrasse. I noticed him picking some parasites that are not visible to the eye off my fishes, so kind of a cool addition to the tank.


Although melanurus wrasses are known to be quite aggressive to other types of wrasses but surpsingly I have two of them in the tank and both are quite docile in front of the new cleaner wrasse. Some pictures of the other wrasses in my tank.


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