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Anyone using a UPS backup? There are quite a number of brands and pricing. Saw one brand "APC" which is priced quite reasonably compared to others. Anyone with user experience and recommendation?

Looking at around 1000 VA which can handle approx 4hrs backup.


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Most devices are DC powered. So its better to use a battery backup to power DC directly (eg. Ecotech battery or Coralbox battery). For example the Ecotech battery can power the MP40 wavemaker for more than a day (good when travelling & gives time to call for help)

Its not efficient to use UPS for DC devices - UPS DC convert to AC output, then covert back to DC with your device power adapter). Usually lasts just a couple of hours


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I am thinking of using it for the equipment which runs off our AC such as chiller, lights, sump pumps and filters.

Maybe I can make do with ice packs in an emergency (as the chiller sucks the most juice) and lights are not a concern but power is crucial for the sump pumps and filters (reef and planted tanks). The wavemaker do have DC input but its not critical as well as long as sump pump are running.

My friend had a blackout once for about a day (they were not at home) and it was horrendous (partly because he has highly stock ref tank) 

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