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Coral Ladder - Hanging Frag Rack


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Had to start a new thread cos the old one was archived. 

Anyways, the design was a success!! I tweaked the measurements here and there, and added an additional joist to minimise twisting. 

I’m currently putting it up on sale for whoever wants them at $25!!! :yahoo:AEFE34DC-697F-43EA-97CB-6CBBF35840D0.jpeg.416327832d83c1dde879b27160307961.jpeg8E37FD05-A926-44C6-8F26-854A0D8A9411.jpeg.0fa3865ea264f7456511c2d39ea98485.jpegCA0B8F27-C1B1-44AC-90ED-D5AEE67D0872.jpeg.0dc580d4161b2afa8e094cc9d0f30752.jpeg7E2CCCA0-2703-4037-BFC0-99EC40B802AE.jpeg.2ffbfef500c6764a9aa0f06b8a3e0fbd.jpeg5EDB78A0-F936-4172-9E45-A25B5705904A.jpeg.abdb8a517b839208c696d50f49ffbb1e.jpeg

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Nano Ladder update!

After another batch of failed prototypes, the nano ladder is ready! It is identical to the regular size in function, except with one tier less and shortened height for nano tanks. This one’s going for $15 if anyone’s interested! :lol:



clownfish not included! :heh:


PM for enquiries!! :peace:

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