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Plumbing for 2 aquariums across the room? Possible?

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I want to setup another reef aquarium in another room.

I plan to plumb it with my main tank in living room, since there is a compressor connected to it also. Tot DIY PVC pipes from that tank to main tank...and another pump pump back water vice versa.

So I don't have to get another chiller for the other aquarium in the room.

Any possibility on this?


Kindly help, Thanks

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Not impossible but very tricky. For example, you have a few big considerations to consider.

1) The bioload will increase, so can your existing system handle it sufficiently or is there another system in 2nd tank, and only sharing chilled water. 
2) Need to plan very carefully on both pumps used to prevent overflow on a tank when the other pump fails, or if pumps are not matched perfectly.

3) The distance between tanks could cause an increase in chilled water Temperature, thus your compressor may kick in longer and more frequently than usual. Worst case, is perpetually running if temperature increase during piping is too much.

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