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Pardon my ignorance.

Can we consume the water from the RODI unit too? 

When I search for RODI on the net, it all points to aquarium applications. Therefore, I'm not sure if the RODI water produced is OK for our consumption. Thought of attaching the RODI unit to my kitchen tap. In this way, both my family members and the fishes get to enjoy the water. 

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Its not exactly harmful but it does have some negatives and no benefits

- Our body replenishes minerals from regular water (and food). Though this absent in RODI water, it should not be a major concern as you can get the minerals from food.

- Due to the absence of minerals, the water is going to taste flat

- Water that is downstream from the RO membrane tends to have more bacteria (due to the absence of chlorine). Probably not toxic but some prefer not to drink this.




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